10 Tips For Getting Rid Of Pet Hair

We can’t live without our pets, but we could live without their hair covering our home’s interior. If you have been looking for different ways to get rid of it, we’ve got some guidelines to help. If you suffer from allergies associated with pet hair, here we’ll explain how you can get rid of it easily. Read our step-by-step guide to find out the materials that you should avoid and cleaning tips to tackle pet hair around the house, and how to remove pet hair from clothes. 

  1. Groom your pet
  2. Pet hair resistant materials
  3. Pet blankets
  4. Getting rid of pet hair in the tumble dryer
  5. Getting rid of pet hair in the washing machine
  6. Pet hair vacuum cleaner
  7. Remove pet smells from carpets and rugs
  8. Rubber gloves to remove pet hair
  9. Squeegee to remove pet hair
  10. Old socks to remove pet hair

1. Groom Your Pet

You may want to groom your pets more regularly, as they have to shed a certain amount of their coat. This allows them to get rid of their old hair and keep their upper coat maintained. You can combat shedding by brushing your pets frequently.

There are several grooming tools you can buy online, including brushes with hand loops, making them easier to use for long and short-haired dogs.  

2. Pet Hair Resistant Materials

If you happen to be renovating your home and have pets, you may want to consider investing in certain surfaces that have resistance to pet hair. Meaning, choosing laminate or hardwood floors, velvet couches instead of leather or cotton, and woollen throws instead of cotton ones. 

3. Use Pet Blankets

Pet blankets

If your pets like to lay on your bed, a couch, or a carpet, you can protect them with a pet blanket or rug that is put in the washing machine weekly. Not only will this protect your furniture and floors, but it will also help your vacuum last longer as well. Also, try not to forget to wash your pet’s beds often too. 

4. Getting Rid Of Pet Hair In The Tumble Dryer

Before putting clothes and other fabrics into the washing machine, place them in the tumble dryer with a fabric softener or tumble dryer balls for at least 10 minutes. Then, into the washing machine. Washing machines can sometimes make the pet hair move further into fabric fibres, the fabric softener sheets and the hot air in the tumble dryer will loosen pet hair and it can be easily removed from the lint trap. Shake the items out before they go into the washing machine. 

5. Getting Rid Of Pet Hair In The Washing Machine

Washing pet blankets and rugs in the washing machine on a hot wash can help to get rid of germs and bacteria, and also get rid of dust mites. Add liquid softener or half a cup of white vinegar to the washing cycle to help loosen pet hair that ends up in the washing machine. After removing the fabrics, scoop pet hair left in the drum. You may want to know how to clean a washing machine

6. Invest In A Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum floors before cleaning, and if you are deep cleaning, you should vacuum floors twice – once before, and again after you remove pet hair from furniture. Vacuums for pet hair are designed to not only collect hair, but if they are made with an HEPA filter, they will be able to remove allergens as well as pet dander from your rooms.

Also, it’s important to empty your vacuum cleaner often to help its functioning and to ensure the brushes are cleared of pet hair. Be sure that you have an upholstery attachment to be able to vacuum your mattresses and couches from your pets who love to sit on the couches or your bed.  

7. Remove Pet Smells From Carpets And Rugs

Removing pet hair from carpets

Pet hair and pet dander can make carpets and rugs start to smell, so after vacuuming, sprinkle baking soda over your carpet and rugs, then leave them to sit for an hour. The baking soda will help to loosen the pet hair as well as freshen the rug. 

8. Rubber Gloves To Remove Pet Hair

Slightly dampen clean rubber gloves, then wipe your hands across furniture items, curtains, and pet beds to easily lift pet hair. If you have grooming gloves, you can use them instead of rubber gloves. Rubber gloves are brilliant for removing pet hair, especially in those small corners of carpeted stairs or between your carpets and skirting boards.

9. Use A Squeegee To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Dampened rubber squeegees can work like rubber gloves for removing pet hair. Use a squeegee to get rid of pet hair from carpets, especially on corners of carpets.

10. Old Socks To Remove Pet Hair

Old sports socks turned inside out and dampened slightly on your hands are effective for wiping your furniture, or even on your feet for floors with pet hair. Other old socks can also be used for cleaning your windows, and cleaning blinds. 

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There you have it, the best ways to remove pet hair from your home. Some other methods can be used regularly to keep your floors and furniture clean from pet hair, such as using a lint roller before putting clothes into the washing machine or dryer, or investing in a rubber broom or mop for removing pet hair from your floors.
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