12 Kids Toys Organisation And Storage Ideas

Kids can make keeping the home organised a little more difficult than you’d like it to be. However, it is possible to have a clean home and kids at the same time. With some strategy and pre-planning, you can make cleaning up your kids’ toys easier and even get your children to join in. Ensuring that the children clean up after playtime is very important. By adding toy storage, you have the best way to keep the kids’ toys off the floor and out of the way. Here are 12 organising tips for your kids’ toys. 

  1. Hanging shelves
  2. Colourful baskets and bookshelves
  3. Low shelves
  4. Stacked crates
  5. Stacking bins
  6. Repurpose existing furniture
  7. Furniture with storage
  8. Toys on display
  9. Plastic bins
  10.  An organised playroom
  11. Modular storage
  12. Desk with storage space

1. Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves

An easy storage solution that can be added yourself within an afternoon. Hang a few floating shelves above a dresser for easy access to toys as soon as they are needed. You can add a few decorative items to keep it matching your home. 

2. Colourful Baskets And Bookshelves

Book shelf

Colourful woven baskets make storage less boring, and they are easier for your child to place their toys inside. Multicoloured bookshelves also keep everything neat and tidy while still looking exciting. 

3. Low Shelves

Low toy shelf

Low shelves mean that even small kids can find their favourite toys and put them away on their own too, keeping toys off the floor and everything tidy. 

4. Stacked Crates 

Toy crate

Stack some crates or boxes and lay them on their sides so they can open storage spaces and make for easy access to books and toys used every day. Different size crates in your kids’ bedroom make it look more fun. 

5. Stacking Bins

Floating bins or stacking bins are perfect for easy access to toys and easy putting the toys back after playtime. 

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6. Repurpose Existing Furniture

Toy cupboard

Repurposing existing furniture saves you from having to buy new furniture or storage to keep your kids’ rooms clean. Repurpose an old wardrobe and fill it with baskets that can keep everything stored and out of sight. 

7. Furniture With Storage

Storage bed

If you’re looking for storage for toys in your child’s room, consider furniture that has extra uses. A bed with under-the-bed storage is perfect for small spaces without much storage. 

8. Toys On Display

Kids toys on display

If your child’s toys are colourful, you may want to consider having an open shelf that allows you to put the toys on display. You can even go the extra mile and colour-coordinate them. Not everything has to hide away out of sight. Books and other small toys can stay out of baskets or bins so your child is more likely to reach for them. 

9. Plastic Bins

Toy bin

Colourful bins are perfect when it comes to organising toys. This is the best way to keep things in order and create a system for your child to follow so that specific toys go into their designated bins. For example, all school supplies go in red, stuffed toys go into the yellow bin, and so forth. 

10. An Organised Playroom

Toy playroom

A playroom can be organised, but still fun. Bigger toys that are used often can be left out in the open, whereas books can be stacked on floating shelves, and smaller toys can be placed away in fabric bins.

11. Modular storage

Modular toy shelf

Great for a growing family, modular storage shelves sizes can be adjusted as needed without re-installing anything. This is great if your kid easily outgrows toys and you don’t want to pay to add more storage space. 

12. Desk With Storage Space

Desk with storage space

If your child needs a place to learn and do homework, consider a desk that comes with built-in storage so that they can keep school supplies and toys where they need them. 


These simple and doable ideas will organise your kids’ rooms perfectly. Remember, nothing has to be perfect, it just has to fit with your home and family’s needs. Also, these storage solutions are perfect for getting the kids involved in keeping your home clean and organised once they’re done with their toys. 
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