A Clean Home and A Happy Mind

Many people think of home cleaning as something done reluctantly, that is ticked off near-last on a to-do list full of “I don’t want to but I probably should” chores. However, data from a recent UK study commissioned by home cleaning service Homejoy suggests that keeping your home clean is more important than we may…

We’ve made some new updates!

We’ve done some work on our homepage, including introducing our new slogan – You click. We clean.™ We love the clean new look, so please do check it out 🙂 Old homepage: New homepage: Also, watch our awesome new promotional video below – we challenge you NOT to bop along!

Startup Lessons: Get Out Of The Building

One of the hardest things about building a startup is that you have absolutely no guarantee that people will like your idea. Added to that are other factors like having to convince a market to adopt something completely new and having to have (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations with strangers and potential customers. Overall, I’d say this…

Interview on Talk Radio 702

We had a great interview with Nikiwe on The Money Show. SweepSouth was a featured Shapeshifter. You can play the interview below (from 9:57).   Check out the tweet-pic of Aisha and I in the studio after the interview! Till we meet again. -Alen Ribic