Law Graduate Turned SweepStar Gets Even Closer To Achieving Her Dream

barbra gurupira at her graduation
Barbra at her graduation ceremony

Barbra Gurupira, a Zimbabwean mother of one came to South Africa last September with one dream: to walk across the stage to receive her law degree so she could become a magistrate.

“At first it was all still a little surreal. But when I went for my cloak fitting for the graduation ceremony, I knew it was real. This was quite an amazing day and the experience (was) even better,” Gurupira says of her dream becoming a reality.

With her eyes set on one day becoming a magistrate, getting the law degree (from UNISA) was only the first step for Gurupira.

After graduating, Gurupira needed to find a law firm where she could complete her articles.

Of course, in that time, Gurupira also needed to have a form of income which was where SweepSouth entered her life and changed the course of her future.

Providing unemployed and underemployed people the choice of selecting when they are available to work, SweepSouth was perfect for Gurupira as it allowed her to earn an income but with the flexibility needed to find a law firm where she could complete her articles.

“SweepSouth is very flexible and financially helpful,” Gurupira says, adding that, “the platform is also exciting – taking you to see new places and meeting new people all the time.”

The chance to meet new people through the SweepSouth platform proved a game changer for Gurupira.

In the course of a discussion about her daughter, a couple who had requested Gurupira’s services through SweepSouth, Tim and Juanlia Theron, were surprised and inspired by her story.

“She said she was studying and we asked her what she was studying. She said she had just finished her LLB degree, but being from Zimbabwe, she had no massive network to get her connected to people who could assist her in doing her articles,” Tim Theron told TimesLIVE.

The Therons jumped in to help and posted Gurupira’s story on their social networks resulting in a number of leads for Gurupira.

Our SweepStar Barbra Gurupira.jpg
Tim and Juanlia Theron with Barbra Gurupira.

SweepSouth co-founder, Aisha Pandor says this story goes to show the power of SweepSouth as not just a domestic cleaning solution, but a change-agent for the more than 7 000 people registered as SweepStars on the platform.

Barbra’s story of making use of SweepSouth as a means by which to earn money during a time she needed to do so while keeping her schedule flexible feeds right back through to one of the cornerstone ideas we had when we first came up with the idea for SweepSouth.

“But the Therons coming to her aid, goes to show how SweepSouth helps to foster social bonds that can help in the development and provision of dignity for our SweepStars, a key goal of the company,” Pandor says.

Pandor points to SweepSouth providing accidental death and disability cover at no cost to SweepStars as another example of the company’s commitment to this goal.

Looking to the immediate future, Gurupira says, “I’ve gone for two interviews so far and I’ve got another two lined up for the next few weeks.”

In keeping with her work ethic, Gurupira will also be busy during this period saying, “with the interview processes still ongoing, I am also going to work on getting my driver’s  license as my field of work requires me to be mobile.”

We’re pleased to have been apart of this achievement and wish Barbra nothing but the absolute best for her future!

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  1. Barbra says:

    I love you SweepSouth with all my heart


    1. lukeindiar says:

      Auh, we love your right back Barbra!


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