Taking Care of Your Loved Ones From a Distance

Thanks to the pandemic, brunch with the girls, Sunday family fun day and road trips with friends were all put on hold. Where we used to hang out with our loved ones every week, months went by with our only connection being hours spent on Facetime, Zoom and Google Hangouts.  Even as life returns to the new normal, the frequency of in-person meetings is still lower than it was before the pandemic — especially for those with risk factors. So how exactly can you show your loved ones you still care, without being there in person?  1. Frequent check-ins  Human … Continue reading Taking Care of Your Loved Ones From a Distance

Reaffirming our Commitment to Non-discrimination and Equity

SweepSouth’s commitment to non-discrimination and equity At SweepSouth we are committed to a policy of non-discrimination and equity throughout the company. We achieve this in several ways:  – We equalise the playing field by allowing SweepStars to rate customers, giving them power not seen outside of the platform to decide who they want to work for. – We do not categorise our SweepStars by any segment which could promote xenophobia, racism, or sexism. We purely show customers the best SweepStars based on their performance when you book. This list cannot be filtered. – Any reported instances of racist behaviour of … Continue reading Reaffirming our Commitment to Non-discrimination and Equity

Pay & Working Conditions For Domestic Workers Across Africa

The fourth annual SweepSouth Report on Pay and Working Conditions for Domestic Workers Across Africa gives us a descriptive overview of the current living conditions of the women and men who take care of our homes and office spaces. This year, SweepSouth took it a step further and expanded its reach across Africa, adding additional African countries to the report to create an even bigger picture of the domestic worker industry. With collective data from Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, a vast comparison across countries is given to describe the lives of domestic workers and their current working conditions. Drawn … Continue reading Pay & Working Conditions For Domestic Workers Across Africa

Happy International Workers’ Day 2021

On International Domestic Workers’ Day 2021 we would like to take the time to celebrate those women and men, who both add value to our lives. They take care of our homes, our family and all the stress and chores that go along with being a caregiver and domestic worker. Today and every day, we salute you for giving us the opportunity to focus on our work and building on our family time, while you give us the added support – words can not describe how much we appreciate YOU and everything you do.  In addition, we definitely take it … Continue reading Happy International Workers’ Day 2021

Help Senzo Make A Difference

Meet SweepStar Senzo Msimango! In 2019 he opened up a bakery in KwaMashu, Durban to help better the lives of the youth in his community and also provide affordable treats to the people in the townships. “Through my bakery, I mentor the children in my community and coach them at a young age to keep them away from drugs and alcohol abuse,” he says. Senzo also helps them to make an honest living, by giving them baked goods to sell and earn a commission. “I will also be teaching them how to bake, so they will be gaining a skill … Continue reading Help Senzo Make A Difference

We’re Celebrating 7 Super Years

We’re turning 7 and we want you to join the HOUSE party! We couldn’t be more excited and grateful for you, our wonderful and loyal customers. The remarkable milestone would not have been possible without you and the incredible SweepStars using the SweepSouth Platform.  “We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 7th anniversary, and as founders, are so grateful to you all.” “This includes the incredible SweepStars who trust our platform as a way to have access to dignified work opportunities, our team who have wholly signed on to our mission of creating opportunities and changing the home services space for … Continue reading We’re Celebrating 7 Super Years

6 Work From Home Office Setup Tips

It’s uncertain how long remote working will still be in force, but if a recent survey by Flexjobs, a US jobs listing site is anything to go by, it may be for some time. The survey showed that an astonishing 65 percent of pandemic remote workers want to keep on working from home, with 58 percent saying they’d look for a new job if they had to return to the office and leave behind their work from home desk setup. Working from home offers many comforts, such as your work commute being reduced to a few short steps and the … Continue reading 6 Work From Home Office Setup Tips

Make A Difference

Meet SweepStar Thokozani Phiri! She needs your help to rebuild her life and improve her living conditions. After a dreadful flood that occurred last month, Thokozani lost everything leaving her and her 11-year-old daughter without a proper place to sleep. “We were living in a room that had holes which resulted in the rain drenching and damaging all my furniture,” she says.  Thokozani currently lives in a room with her daughter with little to nothing. “We’re sleeping on a mattress that a neighbour gave us and a hot plate which only works on one side,” she says. Her biggest hope … Continue reading Make A Difference

Give the gift of time this Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day South Africa 2021 fast approaching, shops are filled with gift ideas of chocolates, clothing, jewellery and more. And while these are all great gifts, one that’s likely to give your mother much more joy this Mother’s Day is the gift of time. With mothers generally running off their feet, ‘my time’ is certainly a rare commodity for these important people in our lives. There are a number of ways in which to do this, and here are some ideas.  Time to enjoy their meals  From breakfast to lunch, snacks to dinner, your mom knows just what every … Continue reading Give the gift of time this Mother’s Day

Here’s Why Mother’s Day Is Important

A mother offers comfort, support and security! From late night calls to a shoulder to cry on, mothers always go out of their way to make us feel right at home. This Mother’s Day 2021 we’re celebrating moms, grandmothers, pet moms and mother figures around the world! We would like to thank you for always being there, supporting us, comforting us and showing us the way. Afterall you’re the real reason why a house feels like a home. Here’s 5 Mother’s Day Ideas to help you make this special day and month unforgettable. Spoil Her With A Thoughtful Gift  Mothers … Continue reading Here’s Why Mother’s Day Is Important

Here’s How To Make To Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Meet Sylvia Thusi from Soweto! After losing both her husband and her mother in less than a year, Sylvia has been struggling to make ends meet. Help her invest in her three children’s Mpilenhle, Sanele and Ntando’s future by raising funds for their education. “As a single parent I failed to provide my kids with food, school uniform and stationery,” says Sylvia.  With two of her children attending Langlaate Technical High School, she’s struggling to buy the necessary items for them to pass their exams. Mpilenhle and Sanele both have a passion for engineering and nothing would make Sylvia happier than … Continue reading Here’s How To Make To Make a Difference in Someone’s Life