Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends

Bathrooms are an easily overlooked part of your home, especially when it comes to design, but considering how much time is spent in the bathroom, its aesthetic features are something to pay more attention to. The bathroom is a place to retreat to and unwind after a long day, and regardless of the size or placement of the room, it should be treated with care like the rest of your home. There are plenty of different ways to make your bathroom an interesting and modern addition to your lifestyle. 

If you’re planning on remodelling your bathroom and you’re looking for some inspiration, we have the top bathroom design trends that you may want to try. Additionally, if your bathrooms are due for remodelling, you may want to read about the best types of floors for your bathroom to help you choose the best option.

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1. Black Fixtures

The latest current bathroom trend is all black, matte fixtures. Black fixtures give your bathroom a uniquely modern appeal. This trend has been gaining traction over the years and is likely to continue growing in popularity. 

2. Striking Wallpapers And Murals

Wall-to-ceiling wallpaper with striking and bold colours or calming palm tree landscapes have become popular with bathrooms. In the past, most bathrooms were painted white, with white tiles. Homeowners are now exploring bathroom decor ideas as they would with the other rooms of the home, including various wallpaper designs. Unique, one-of-a-kind murals are an increasingly popular addition to bathrooms. These can create a spa-like feel, making it easier to relax.

3. Natural Materials

If you’re keen on bold murals or wallpaper, you can have a minimalistic bathroom design that includes organic, natural elements to avoid the clinical feel. Textured tiles, wood, and natural stone add a gorgeous feel to your bathroom that allows a feeling of the outdoors in a sacred space.

4. Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture has been on the rise as a trend in modern homes, including the bathroom. An old furniture item can be repurposed into a bathroom storage cupboard or vanity table, which adds an interesting, unexpected item to the bathroom. Adding vintage furniture where it doesn’t typically belong can create a unique addition that visitors will love seeing.

5. Plants

Plants have been a popular design feature in modern homes for a long time. Not only will they make your bathroom look great with an almost infinite variety of choices in size and appearance, but they will also give your bathroom a fresh, natural feel. There are also air-purifying benefits of certain plants too. They are the perfect addition to create a relaxing feel in your bathroom. 

6. Simple Cleaning

Personal health and hygiene are top of mind when it comes to bathrooms. Similar to the kitchen, bathroom surfaces that are easy to clean have gained popularity. 

Non-porous materials like quartz are an attractive option for bathrooms. Not only are they visually appealing, but they prevent bacteria growth from trapped water. Also, large format tile requires less grout, meaning little cleaning.

7. Spa Elements

Adding a few spa-like elements to your bathroom will create a luxurious spa-like feel, making your bathroom more luxurious. Features like large glass shower doors, stylish modern hardware, marble accents, and wooden storage cupboards under stone surface-mounted sinks are definitely worth considering. Other spa-like elements include stand-alone bathtubs and steam showers. Turn your bathroom into a spa today with just a few simple additions.. 

8. Marble

Marble is unique, one of a kind, and striking. Its high gloss sheen reflects natural light around the entire bathroom. From marble-slab walls and floors, to all marble showers, marble is becoming more and more popular in bathrooms. For a more shocking, dramatic look, you may want to choose book-matched marble – two consecutive slabs that join together creating a mirror effect. 

9. Retro

Certain old styles are being brought back again, particularly for interior design. Terrazzo tile has been resurrected from the 80s and is being used in new and inventive ways. Its colourfully specked surface is light and playful, and can be used for bathroom walls, floors, showers and bathtubs.

It’s also a great sustainability option – terrazzo manufacturers use recycled quartz, marble, granite or glass. 

10. Comfort

Whether it’s a place to escape the kids for a few minutes or standing in the shower after a long day at work, there’s no doubt you’ll want to retreat to your bathroom on one of these days. 

Another design trend is accessible accessories. Easy-to-reach, cosy accoutrements, from towels to soaps to personal hygiene items. Add a piece of statement furniture to store, organise, and display your bathroom essentials. And for a put-together feel, roll and stack your clean towels and decant your toilet paper rolls for a clean, fresh look. 

There you have it. You can try these out in your bathroom and transform it into a sanctuary. Allow your bathroom to become a place for rejuvenation and relaxation. You may want to know how to spring clean your bathroom so that it can not only have great decor, but is also sparkling clean. If you’re unable to find the time to get down to cleaning your bathroom, you may want to book with SweepSouth and have your bathroom professionally cleaned by a SweepStar. 

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