8 Bedroom Cleaning Hacks to Save You From Frustration

A bedroom is a safe space that everyone deserves to destress and relax in when the day reaches its end, but in order for it to fully feel like that, it needs to be clean and organised. After ticking off your chores, you can always look forward to plenty of peace and relaxation. However, sometimes the thought of tackling the cleaning tasks can be overwhelming, or maybe it’s just because you’re missing out on bedroom cleaning hacks you’ve never come across…until now.

In this blog post, we’ll share eight handy bedroom cleaning hacks that will save you time, effort, and frustration. These simple tips and tricks will help you maintain a clean and inviting bedroom without stress, giving you more tranquillity and a better night’s sleep. Let’s dive in!

1. Microfiber Cloth Magic

Microfiber cloths are versatile and highly effective for cleaning various surfaces in the bedroom. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down furniture, dust surfaces, and clean mirrors. The fine fibres of microfiber cloths trap dust and dirt, making it easier to achieve a spotless result.

2. Vacuum Cleaner Revival

Refresh your bedroom carpets, rugs, and upholstery using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. This will help remove embedded dirt and dust, leaving your surfaces clean and revitalised.

3. Baking Soda Odour Elimination

Sprinkle baking soda liberally on your mattress, carpets, or rugs to neutralise odours. Let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum it up to reveal a fresh and odour-free bedroom.

4. Toothbrush Detailing

An old toothbrush is an excellent tool for detailed cleaning in hard-to-reach spots. Use it to scrub grout lines, clean small crevices (around plug points and wall plates, for example), or remove dirt from window tracks. Its small bristles provide precision cleaning power.

5. Magic of White Vinegar

The cleaning power of white vinegar is extremely useful because it is a natural and versatile cleaning agent. Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use it to clean windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces. It effectively removes streaks and leaves a sparkling finish.

6. Steam Cleaning Wonders

Invest in a handheld steam cleaner for deep and chemical-free cleaning of your bedroom. The power of steam cleaning effectively removes dirt, grime, and even stubborn stains from carpets, upholstery, and mattresses. It’s a powerful and eco-friendly cleaning method.

7. Lemon Freshness

Harness the natural cleaning properties of lemons. Cut a lemon in half and rub it over chrome fixtures or stainless steel surfaces to remove water stains and add a fresh scent. Lemon can also be used to tackle sticky residue left by stickers or labels.

8. Refreshing Fabric Spray

Create your own fabric spray by combining water, a few drops of your favourite essential oil, and a teaspoon of fabric softener in a spray bottle. Use this mixture to freshen up your curtains, linens, and pillows between washes. It will leave a pleasant scent and make your bedroom feel inviting.


You’re now 8 bedroom cleaning tips and hacks wiser and ready to harness the power of working smarter, not harder. If you need help around the rest of your home, SweepStars are your go-to! We refer to them as stars because of their trustworthy nature and cleaning expertise. Book a SweepSouth cleaning service at an affordable price and get ready to experience cleaning bliss like never before.

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