Best Decorating Ideas For Your Airbnb

If you want to make your Airbnb stand out from the crowd, there are some factors to take into consideration, such as the location, size, amenities, and of course, the décor. Stylish holiday homes tend to be more of a hit with guests. Regardless of the location or style of your Airbnb, there are a few basics that will ensure a sustainable and welcoming interior design. You may want to keep these tips in mind if you’re planning on styling up your rental space. 

1. Bold Colours

Accenting with bold colours can make your decor stand out, and something to remember. Although we may not have bright coloured pillows in our usual homes, when you’re on holiday it’s a bit more fun. For instance, if you have a beach Airbnb, you may want to fit it with coastal blue rugs, to make the space stand out. Rugs are also inexpensive additions to your rental home.

2. Wallpaper

There are so many different types of wallpaper, in different styles, colours, and patterns. Wallpaper can make your space look more interesting, and not so bland. Choose a colour and design that goes with the overall theme of each room.

3. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are an easy way to spruce up a plain home. They also reduce fatigue and headaches, and boost your mood. There are so many options when it comes to choosing plants for your Airbnb – some ideas of low-maintenance plants you may want to add to your vacation home are lady palm, pothos, jade plant, asparagus fern, Chinese money plant, and snake plant.

4. Use White Bedding

Choosing the right bedding for your Airbnb can be slightly challenging. There are lots of colours and designs that you can get. If you are unsure of the best colour bedding to choose, go for white bedding. Just like hotels, all-white bedding will always be a winner.

5. Add A Statement Element To Each Room

Let each room stand out with a statement piece. Add something unique to each room for it to stand out from the next. It doesn’t have to be something extreme like a chandelier. Something as simple as a piece of artwork from a local art store or decor that matches your location will work. An accent wall can also add to the decor without requiring intensive renovations.

6. Embrace Minimalism

Airbnb’s minimalistic designs have an enduring appeal and make upkeep and maintenance easier. It also allows the architecture to stand out. Even if your space lacks defining architecture, minimalism will still look great. All it takes is adding some eye-catching artwork for a bit more depth.

7. Use Mirrors To Maximise Natural Light

Mirrors and natural light are key. Together they make spaces appear larger and more spacious than they are. When a room has a few windows, adding a couple of mirrors can brighten things. Simply place mirrors to reflect the light coming in. Keep surrounding windows open and free of obstructions for the best effect.

8. Choose Practical Necessities

When thinking about Airbnb design ideas, don’t forget about the necessities. Rather leave out anything that creates more clutter. Refine your space, this means decorations as well. Look for pieces that are pretty and practical and use them as decor. If you have a vintage-style Airbnb, for example, you could use an old-fashioned enamelled milk jug as a utensil holder.

9. Thoughtful Additions

Holiday homes shouldn’t feel too similar to regular homes. Simple comforts and thoughtful additions throughout an Airbnb can go a long way. Items like coat and shoe racks make it easier to remove and place them out of the way after a fun day out. 

10. Kid-Friendly Furniture

Many of these vacation rentals are rented out by families with kids. Decorating your house with kid-friendly furniture can also go a long way. Particular furniture that’s easy to clean is a good choice to restore a plain interior.

11. Incorporate Outdoor Areas

Properties with outside spaces including patios, decks, or gardens should also be part of the design too. The outside design should somewhat match the interior. Remember to choose exterior furniture that is weather-resistant as well as décor that is durable enough for the outdoors. Hiring a gardener or landscaper is also a good way to ensure a well-kept and well-manicured garden for the whole year.

Having a vacation rental that is welcoming, warm, and comforting isn’t impossible. All your home needs are all the utilities and some character. Even if your space isn’t huge, that’s okay. If the bedrooms lack space, there are other things you can do like having a reading corner or area, under the stairs for instance. Set up an additional work area, with a desk, chair and of course Wi-Fi. Lastly, if your Airbnb needs a good clean, at SweepSouth we offer Airbnb cleaning services so your holiday home can look squeaky clean for guests.

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