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Best School Lunch Box Ideas For Your Kids

Best school lunch box ideas for your kids

With school holidays coming to a close, It’s almost time to send the kids back to school. This means you have to start packing school lunches again and your children may have outgrown ham and cheese sandwiches, and want more interesting snacks for school. You may be wondering just what you can put in your kids’ school lunchboxes that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and is still nutritious for them. We have come up with some cool school lunchbox ideas you may want to take note of. Packing school lunches doesn’t have to be your biggest and most difficult chore anymore.

Best Tips For Packing Lunch Boxes

School Lunchbox Essentials

Non-Sandwich Lunchbox Ideas

There are lots of healthy and fun lunch options that aren’t plain sandwiches – kids can get bored of sandwiches and not finish their lunch. Here are some interesting lunch ideas that your kids will love:

If you follow these lunchbox ideas your kids will enjoy their school lunches and actually eat them. For vegetarians, you can still use these ideas, simply switch out meat for vegetables. Your kids will be so happy with their lunch everyday, you won’t hear any complaints.

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