Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows us to rejuvenate and freshen up our homes, to be ready for the spring and summer coming up. While the thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming and daunting, the actual task doesn’t have to be. To make your spring cleaning more cost-effective and time-saving, once you have your cleaning supplies on hand, follow these spring cleaning tips listed below to get started.

12 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Blossom This Spring

1. Clean Room By Room

Spring cleaning your home room by room is the most effective way to thoroughly clean it. You can even make a cleaning checklist for every room to help you organise and remind yourself of specific areas that need attention. If such areas have been cleaned recently, you may be able to skip them and focus on the areas of your home that didn’t get cleaned over winter.

2. Organise And Declutter

Removing clutter is often one of the biggest tasks of spring cleaning. A systematic four-step approach can be helpful when you declutter. It’s important to identify problem areas, analyse the reason for the clutter, determine a solution, and implement it. Sort your items into four categories – trash, give away, store, and put away – this can also be effective as you go through your spring cleaning process. You should move out the clutter as soon as possible, whether that means putting items into a box for donations or having a garage sale.

3. Organise Your Fridge

After you declutter your home, the next thing you’ll want to do for spring cleaning is clean your fridge. Get rid of expired foods and condiments, wipe down the fridge shelves, and clean out the drawers. Remove the drawers to clean them in warm soapy water and leave them to dry before placing them back in your fridge.

To freshen up and deodorise your fridge, spread baking soda or ground coffee on a plate inside the fridge and then leave it for 24 hours.

4. Unclog Drains

Clean shower drains with a DIY cleaning mix of ½ a cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of table salt. Pour it down the drain, followed by 1 cup of warm vinegar which will begin to foam with the rest of the mixture. After 15 minutes, run the hot water for about 30 seconds. If you notice water going down the drain slowly, you can unblock the drain simply by using vinegar and baking soda.

5. Cleaning Supplies

If you need to buy new cleaning products and supplies, try to keep items to a minimum. A huge supply of cleaning products can create unnecessary clutter, and you don’t need a myriad of cleaning products to keep your home clean. Consider a good all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths. These items will be useful for cleaning most surfaces in your home, then you can buy specialty cleaning products and supplies as needed.

Replace cleaning brushes, sponges, and cloths that have been used regularly over the past couple of months. Additionally, these items should be cleaned after each use to prevent bacteria, and they should be replaced once worn out. Spring cleaning is also a great time to clean the exterior of products if they’re dirty.

6. Spring Clean Your Vacuum

Because we rarely clean our vacuums, they can be cleaned before use when spring cleaning. Firstly, make sure that the vacuum is off and unplugged before you begin cleaning it. Then, empty the vacuum bag or dust compartment, and using a damp cloth and mild detergent, wipe down the casing, hoses, and attachments. Simply use scissors or a seam ripper to remove hair and fibres stuck on the beater bar, and bristles to clean the vacuum brush.

7. Spring Clean Your Washing Machine And Dryer

Clean your washing machine and dryer by wiping down the outside of both machines with a damp microfiber cloth and some dish soap. Rinse with some fresh water and wipe dry. Wipe the inside of your washing machine with a damp cloth to remove lint and residue. Be sure that your machine is empty and vacuum the dryer vent to remove any leftover lint.

8. Clean Windows

When cleaning windows with Windex, you may end up with streaks as it dries fairly quickly. The same may happen if you wipe windows with paper towels. Use your vacuum brush or upholstery attachment to remove dust and clean the outer areas of the window. You can place most curtains in the dryer on a low heat with a fabric softener sheet for more of a refresh. Make sure to clean your blinds when cleaning the windows. An easy way to clean blinds is with an old sock and an equal mixture of white vinegar and water, it will pick up all the dust from the blinds.

Another way for cleaning your blinds is with a commercial keyboard cleaner. It’s a quick way to spray blinds and clear dust. Vacuum the room once you’re done.

9. Spring Clean Bedding

This is the time to flip your mattress, wash the pillows, and freshen up your covers and duvet. It’s recommended that you wash your pillows with ½ a cup of baking soda added to the detergent in your washing machine. Take your duvet and blankets outdoors to shake them out, then run them through the air cycle of the dryer with a fabric softener sheet for more freshness. Flipping your mattress is something that should be done every 6 months.

10. Clean Your Carpets And Tiles

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to clean your carpets, tiles, and tile grout. All of these can be cleaned with the same cleaner. Unless you have a commercial cleaner, white vinegar is the best solution for cleaning your floors. Remove stains on your carpet by spot-cleaning using a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the stain, and then with a soft bristle brush, rub the stained carpet until the stain lifts. Then dab the area dry with a cloth. Using the same mixture for your tiles and grout, spray the area and scrub clean with an old toothbrush. You can use an extra cloth to wipe it dry or let your grout air-dry. 

11. Use Dryer Sheets For Dust And Residue

When the sun isn’t shining through the windows each day during winter, you may not notice the amount of dust that has built up around your home. Dryer sheets are a great option to remove dust from your electronics, lampshades, and other appliances. Dryer sheets have anti-static qualities which makes them good for preventing dust from settling back onto your electronic screens like your laptop or TV screen or stainless steel.

Additionally, dryer sheets can be used for removing residue or soap scum from your shower doors, cleaning food residue from pots, and even cleaning your blinds. Dryer sheets can also be used to remove pet hair from couches and so much more.

12. Clean Hard Water Spots

If you have a build-up of hard water spots or marks on taps, shower heads, and fridge water tray, the most useful cleaner is white vinegar. Wrap vinegar-soaked paper towels around the tap handles and then use an old toothbrush to scrub the hard water off.

Extra Tips

While spring cleaning, you can add anything else to the list that hasn’t been cleaned since the start of winter. Remember to keep track of items you no longer need, and sort these items into ‘throw away’, ‘give away’, and ‘keep’ categories. Spring cleaning is a great time to declutter your closet and dresser. If you’re swapping seasonal items, check if you want to keep an item or if you would prefer to donate or sell it.

Another spring cleaning idea is to fold and stack your clothes vertically to save space and neatly see all of your clothes. When spring cleaning, you should also sort through those areas in your home that are simply always a mess, like your home office, desk, magazine basket, or junk drawer. Throw away things you do not need, such as old magazines, letters, receipts, and expired coupons that have piled up. You’ll be shocked at the amount of room these things take up and how everything is much easier to find once the junk is gone.

Sort through the random areas in your home that accumulate a mess such as your home office, junk drawer, or magazine basket, and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Throw away old magazines, mail, expired coupons, and receipts that have piled up. You’ll be surprised to see how much room these items are taking up and how much easier it is to find what you need with all of the junk gone. This is why it’s best to declutter each room of your home first, then you can begin cleaning without random items obstructing your path.


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