Best Things To Do During Load Shedding

After a long day, you’re ready to put your feet up and get comfortable on the couch to put on your favourite TV show for the rest of the evening. You’re about to put the kettle on for a cup of tea. Then suddenly, load shedding strikes and you’re plunged into dark silence…evening ruined. Instead of that nice cup of tea or TV show, lighting candles is all you can do. Your phone’s signal is reduced during load shedding, which makes watching YouTube or Netflix on your phone a real pain. The question now arises – what can be done for the next few hours instead of remaining irritated or complaining in the dark. Here are some activities and things to do during load shedding that don’t rely on electricity to keep you entertained while there is no power.

1. Have A Chat

If you’re lucky enough to have company during load shedding, take advantage of it. We often don’t take the time to communicate with friends and family properly, apart from quick texts that just aren’t the same. Having a conversation with a family member can help pass the time. Ask them about their day, tell them about yours, you may just end up talking about childhood memories. With a flowing conversation, you’ll forget about load shedding and the lights will turn back on faster than you expected. 

2. Spend Time With The Pets

For those of us who do have pets, we know it’s a bit harder to find the time to bond with them while the electricity is on. Use this time to hold your furry friends and play with them, make them feel loved. Clean out their cages, food, and water bowls. One thing your phone can still do during load shedding is take pictures so why not have a photo shoot, with the flash on.

3. Get Out Of The House

If you just can’t deal with being at home during load shedding and sitting in the dark silence with a candle is killing your vibe, get out of the house. Go for a walk with someone, not alone, or jump in the car and drive out of your grid. Going to your friend’s house or your parent’s place a few streets away is not the best idea if they’re on your grid, as they will be facing load shedding too. Visit someone outside of your grid or head to the mall – malls use generators most of the time. Walk around a mall and check if there’s a new movie showing at the cinema. By the time the movie ends your power will be back on at home.

4. Connect With Nature

This is the perfect time to reconnect with nature. Head outdoors with a blanket, sit or lie on the grass, and reflect on the wonders of nature. Look at the clouds and see what shapes you can come up with. If load shedding strikes in the evening, watch the sunset, look up into the night sky, stare at the stars, and reflect on all that you should be grateful for in your lifetime.

5. Play Board Games

Believe it or not, before television, computers, and 24/7 internet access, there were board games. A lot of today’s youth haven’t played a board game before, and if they have, it was the computer game version. If you have a decent light source, Introduce your kids to board and card games like Monopoly – an all-time favourite board game for many families, Mastermind, Scrabble, Pictionary, Balderdash, and many others. If you have a deck of cards, try playing Snap, Go Fish, Canasta, or Rummy.

6. Start Spring Cleaning

Instead of sitting and waiting for the power to come back on, get a start on your chores around the house. Declutter and dust some rooms, organise your cupboards and wipe the kitchen surfaces. All you need is a light source like a powerful torch or a rechargeable light in the area you’re working on. Doing this will distract your mind and keep you busy during load shedding, and will benefit you too. Once the power has returned and you need help finishing the job, check out our vast array of cleaning services we have to offer.

7. Meditate

If you have never meditated before, now is the easiest time to try. When meditating, you’re supposed to try to clear your mind from negative thoughts and restore calm and inner peace. Truthfully, load shedding can make your blood boil as it is a real inconvenience. Meditating gives you the chance to not let the load shedding get the better of you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, be quiet, and try to sit still. Let go of your struggles and the things holding you back. Welcome positivity and strength into your life. The power coming back on after is an extra delight.

If you can’t help but complain during load shedding, hopefully some of these ideas have inspired you. Try doing at least one of these activities during load shedding. Don’t just wait for the power to turn on, it will feel like an eternity. There’s no point in being depressed or depressing everyone else at home. If these things to do seem like they’re not for you, think of anything else you can do without electricity, as load shedding appears to be here to stay for a while. Knowing how to prepare for load shedding will also help to ease the aggravation of a dark situation.

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