Best UPSs To Get You Through Load Shedding

For the last 15 years, load shedding has become an inevitable part of our lifestyle as South Africans. As a result, the demand for UPSs and related products such as generators and inverters have greatly increased, both from business and domestic users. Because load shedding is something that’s here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, you may be considering investing in a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to get through load shedding; particularly for those that work from home or online and have important documents that could be lost as the power goes out.

We at SweepSouth understand the importance of having backup power during these trying times, so we’ve created a list of the 8 best UPSs you can buy locally by looking at reviews of different users from online shopping stores. Keep reading to find the most suitable option for you and your needs.

  1. Mecer Winner Pro 3000VA On-Line Tower UPS
  2. VIZIA UPS Multi-Voltage 5-12V Battery Bank
  3. Mecer 1000VA Line Interactive
  4. KSTAR Powercom 600VA Line Interactive UPS
  5. Eaton 5E 2000VA Line Interactive UPS
  6. RCT 1000VA Line Interactive
  7. Eaton 1100VA Line-Interactive UPS
  8. RCT 2000VA Line Interactive UPS
Mecer Winner Pro 3000VA On-Line Tower UPS

Mecer Winner Pro 3000VA On-Line Tower UPS

The Mecer Winner Pro 3000VA On-Line Tower UPS is the top UPS for those who need an advanced uninterrupted power source. It has additional features that protect your equipment. 

This device comes with built-in surge protection, AVR, and monitoring software. It is also compatible with generators, so when load shedding occurs, you don’t have to lose your work while switching the generator on. 

The rating of this UPS on Takealot of 4.7 stars makes it the best-rated online UPS. 

VIZIA UPS Multi-Voltage 5-12V Battery Bank

VIZIA UPS Multi-Voltage 5-12V Battery Bank

The Vizia is another highly rated UPS with a 4.5-star rating on Takealot. This UPS allows you to choose the voltage output – you have the options of 5V, 7.5V, 9V and 12V. This device can back up power to routers and even CCTV cameras. It gives you up to 5 hours of battery life and can also be used as a normal power bank for smartphones. 

Mecer 1000VA Line Interactive

Mecer 1000VA Line Interactive

The top of the range of line interactive UPS on the market, this device can power a standard desktop PC for 15 to 20 minutes. The Mecer 1000VA Line Interactive allows you to save your work just as the power cuts and safely shut down your system to prevent damage to hardware. 

This UPS can also be used to power a Wi-Fi Router for 2 to 3 hours, which means that your internet remains connected to your phone or laptop during load shedding. The built-in surge protector keeps your equipment safe against surges and spikes when the power switches off and on. It features boost-and-buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) as well as cold start capability, which is great, especially if you’re not prepared for load shedding.

Although this UPS is not as advanced as an online UPS, it has much more functionality than an offline UPS. 

KSTAR Powercom 600VA Line Interactive UPS

The KSTAR Powercom 600VA Line Interactive tower is a smaller UPS. It is designed with a built-in self-diagnostic function and generator compatibility. The UPS is affordable and allows for fast charging. The power protection makes the KSTAR Power 600VA one of the best-selling UPSs.

This unit is energy efficient and has an impressive battery backup. When idling or while scrolling the web on tethered data, you’ll be able to get a full hour of usage out of this system. It can simply be plugged into a wall outlet, connected to your gadgets, and you’ll be prepped for load shedding. Your electronics will be safe in case the power goes out. 

Eaton 5E 2000VA Line Interactive UPS

Eaton 5E 2000VA Line Interactive UPS

The Eaton 5E series interactive UPS provides cost-effective power protection for your computer and equipment. The small size is suitable for office and home workplaces, and due to its AVR, the Eaton 5E UPS can operate under overvoltage conditions without running out of battery. 

The UPS batteries are constantly recharged, even while switched off. It also has a cold start feature, meaning it can be switched on without power. The UPS can be placed anywhere safe and you can control it from your computer using Eaton UPS Companion Software. 

The Eaton 5E UPS has power ratings ranging from 500 VA to 2 KVA, and offers battery backup and voltage management for various applications. The plug-and-play feature allows you to begin backing up your electronics as you remove them from the box. And you can achieve automated integration with Mac, Windows, and Linux via a USB connection. 

RCT 1000VA Line Interactive

RCT 1000VA Line Interactive

Gaming systems are fast to consume hundreds of watts, and if you have a heavy power-consuming system, you will need a UPS that can withstand the load and not fail when load shedding begins. 

The RCT 1000VA Line Interactive UPS 1000VA and 600W are made for high-power demand devices, including gaming devices and systems. It easily outlasts alternatives with compatible volt amperes, but the lower voltage in comparison. Everything is battery-powered and surge protected. This UPS offers quick charging, free monitoring software, and AVR, which protects your equipment from power fluctuations. 

Eaton 1100VA Line-Interactive UPS

Eaton 1100VA Line-Interactive UPS

This UPS is used by most people to power routers during load shedding or to give them time to turn off critical devices before their power completely goes out. The fairly slim design is perfect for office and home working environments. You can also control your UPS from your computer, and can be connected for instant compatibility to a Mac OS, Linux or Windows.

RCT 2000VA Line Interactive

RCT 2000VA Line Interactive UPS

This UPS is a battery backup and surge protector with 2000VA that is great for powering up your small gadgets and other items that don’t use up too much energy, while taking up the smallest amount of space on a desk. It is compatible with smart homes and connects to your router, providing suitable power for laptops, PC gaming systems, cable boxes and TVs. This device is also light and compact.

The top UPS in South Africa is the Mecer Winner Pro 3000VA On-Line Tower UPS which is available at an affordable price. The Eaton 5E 2000VA Line Interactive UPS pure sine wave is also top of the range thanks to its reliability and performance. 


We hope this guide on the top-of-the-range uninterruptible power supply systems was helpful to you, and that you can invest in the UPS battery backup device that has enough power for your most essential electronics for the duration of load shedding. 

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