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Best Ways To Clean A Braai Grid

One of the best feelings in the world is the sun’s rays shining down on your lawn, making it known that it’s time to pull out the braai and fire up the coals. Gathering around the delicious food that comes off a braai and socialising with your loved ones makes for an enjoyable day, but if you want your braai to keep cooking delicious food in the future, someone needs to know how to clean it. If that person is you, read on to find out about the easiest way to clean a braai grid.

You may be wondering if you need a special braai cleaner to get rust off your braai grid while removing any other grime and grease in the process. That’s completely up to you. Head to the shops to buy a special braai grid cleaner or use one of the homemade solutions our expert team has given below. Before finding out how to restore your braai grid, let’s look at some cleaning tips.

Braai Grid Cleaning Tips

Use the following tips to get the most out of your braai and have it cooking the most delicious food every time:

4 Ways To Clean A Braai Grid

With the right tools on hand and knowledge in mind, you’ll have a clean braai ready to cook up the most delicious food. Use one of the following cleaning methods:

1. Heat & Scrub

This first method doesn’t require many tools, just the heat from coals and a scrubbing brush. Follow these cleaning steps:

2. Newspaper

All you will need for this method is some heat and your Sunday newspaper. Use the following cleaning steps:

Tip: This is a great method to use as a quick fix before braaing. Once you’ve scrubbed the grid, you can continue to heat it up and proceed with your braai routine.

3. Bicarb And Vinegar Paste

The following two methods will provide a deeper clean and remove more grease and grime from your grid. Use these cleaning steps to clean with a paste:

4. Dishwashing Liquid And Vinegar

This method also involves the use of vinegar, but this time in combination with dishwashing liquid. Use the following cleaning steps:

By using either one of these cleaning methods, your braai grid will be ready to serve up the best food every time it’s an ideal day to light up the coals. Before the day arrives, hire a SweepStar to provide an expert gardening service so that the rest of your outdoor space in your home is ready to be used for entertainment.

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