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Celebrate Heritage Day With True South African Cuisines

Heritage Day is soon approaching and as South Africans, we are encouraged to celebrate our diverse cultures and traditions on this day.

What is it that best flaunts the cultural diversity in South Africa? It is the different cultural attire, the variety of native languages and the flavour infused dishes that fill South Africa with life, love and happiness. The cultural dishes can represent our diversity with the different languages it speaks from spicy to sweet, dressed in beautiful warm colours that will make you say “I was actually lissing for this”; “SBWL (Sibawela)”; “Ek smaak ‘n lekker bord kos”!

This Heritage Day we should come together with all the goodness of South Africa’s homely meals. So we invite you to celebrate in true South African style. 

But wait! Are you perhaps wondering what are some of the cuisines you could whip up? Here at SweepSouth we have a cool mix of cultures, so we spoke to the team and here are some of the lekker dishes and treats that left our mouth watering… 


Heritage: A traditional Afrikaans dish that first appeared in a Dutch cookbook in 1609. This is mince based dish flavoured with sweet curry and baked with egg on top. 

AKA: Casserole


Heritage: South Africa’s favourite stew made in a cast-iron pot. If you are not enjoying a braai with family and friends, then a potjie pot is propped on a heap of hot coals and a variety of ingredients – meat and vegetables – are thrown into the pot mixed with all sorts of delicious spices. 


Heritage: Bredie is an old Cape name for a dish of meat and vegetables in a tomato gravy served on a warm bed of rice. This meal is a very homely dish enjoyed by many South Africans.


Heritage: A big fat treat mostly indulged with a saucy mince curry or even some sweet apricot jam and cheese. These big deep-fried dough balls date back to the Voortrekker days, where they found it much easier than baking bread. 

AKA: Fatcake, Magwinya 

Shisa Nyama

Heritage: It is a simple braai or barbeque enjoyed with family and friends. Shisa Nyama is a term used in many South African townships where restaurants have been created to give a great South African vibe of coming together and enjoying a good plate of meat and pap.

AKA: Braai, Barbeque 

Bunny Chow

Heritage: This half a loaf of hollowed bread just oozing with a delicious spicy curry has an origin that is a bit of a mystery but many have said that it comes all the way from the Durban East Coast community. When you are done with this meal, your nose should be running and lips burning for more! 

AKA: Bunny, Kota

Here are three traditional South African treats you can enjoy after your meal… 


Heritage: The spicy fried dough originates in the Cape Malay culture and is traditionally enjoyed on a lovely Sunday morning with a lekker cuppa tea. 

AKA: Koe’sister 


Heritage: After preservation processes were improved in the 17th century, this dry and spiced stuk (a piece of) meat was created. It is a delicious snack mostly enjoyed with an alcoholic beverage at a thrilling game of rugby – typically a game between Stormers vs Lions.

Malva Pudding

Heritage: A sweet spongy, caramelised cake soaked in syrup – comes from a CapeDutch origin. This treat is mainly enjoyed with some custard topped over the lovely pudding.

Celebrate this Heritage Day with your family and friend in true South African style!

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