Ready To Celebrate Heritage Day In South Africa?

Just now, now now or right now are all lekker South African proverbs that make our country a real jol. This Heritage Day, join us as we celebrate these unique South African words and phrases that make us all feel right at home, each and every day. There is no denying, our diverse use of language represents our beautiful country and the wide variety of cultures, along with eleven official languages, traditions and beliefs we have to offer. A one-of-kind quality the nation proudly celebrates on 24 September each year on Heritage Day, also known as Braai Day or Shaka Day. On this day, South Africans get together to honour their traditions and celebrate the wealth of our country and its people. 

This Heritage Day, celebrate that feeling of home.

At SweepSouth, we’re proud to celebrate people from all walks of life. We embrace the heritage of our nation and encourage people to live and promote their cultural diversity. This is what makes our country so unique and special, setting an example for how a country can work together and create something exceptional. This month, we’ve also partnered with a few of our favourite local brands, Happy by Nature, Wellness Warehouse, Mr Price Home, PNP ASAP! & Nomu to bring you the best of SA. 

There is just no place like home! Throughout the years, our differences and cultures have come together, creating a few magical South African proverbs we have all come to love and use in our everyday lives. Here are a few of our favourite proverbs, from “lekker” to “yebo” that make us uniquely South African: 

  1. Ja, Nee 

(n) To confirm or agree on something.

Example: Ja, nee. When it comes to washing the dishes a spouse magically disappears. 

  1. Just Now

(n) An action will happen soon, but now right now. Maybe sometime in the future, but not this second.

Example: I promise I will take care of laundry on my bed and tackle the ironing just now

  1. Jol

(n) A festive time or party.

Example: The more I book SweepSouth, the more time I have to jol

  1. Lekker

(n) In Afrikaans the word means, ‘delicious’ or ‘tasty’, but it’s also used to describe ‘awesome’, ‘great’ and ‘nice’. 

Example: It’s lekker not worrying about chores after making a recurring SweepSouth booking. 

  1. Now Now

(n) Soon, but not this second. Likely to happen before “just now”.

Example: Why leave your chores for NOW NOW if SweepSouth can take care of it NOW? 

  1. Yebo

(n) Often used as a double positive, Yebo means yes or yeah! 

Example: Yebo, yes! Our outdoor service will tackle your braai and patio area. 

  1. Isit?

(n) A word used as a conversation filler and to respond when asking, “really?” or “is that so?”

Example: Isit? You still doing your own chores?

  1. Ja

(n) To be in agreement with someone or something. 

Example: Ja, I really love booking recurring to secure my favourite SweepStar and save on the service fees. 

  1. Hayibo

(n) To react in disbelief or expressing your surprise. 

Example: Hayibo! You haven’t booked a trusted & affordable SweepSouth service yet? 

  1. Eish

(n) Expressing regret, disapproval or shock.  

Example: Eish! Are laundry and dishes piling up? Book a SweepSouth home or outdoor service today. Click below: