9 Christmas Crafts For Kids They’ll Thoroughly Enjoy Making

Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends, and also creating memories that will last forever. This is especially true for children as it is one of their most treasured days of the year. Making Christmas arts and crafts is a great activity for kids, especially on the days during their holiday period when they don’t have anything to do. Rather than sitting and watching the same Christmas movies over and over, even though they probably love this too, spend a day with the kids making their favourite Christmas crafts. The best part about these holiday crafts is that they make for lovely holiday décor that can be used around your house too. So grab your supplies and your kids, and get started with the best Christmas crafts for kids we’ve listed below. 

1. Felt Wreath

felt wreath

A felt wreath is just like a traditional wreath, except made with felt strips. To make it, simply cut strips of two different shades of green felt. Tie the strips around a wire wreath form, then add some small red ornaments in different places throughout the wreath with glue. Lastly, loop a wide ribbon around the wreath to be hung. 

2. Jingle Bells

Kids will really enjoy this craft. Have your kid thread bells on a ribbon while you tie the bow. Hang the bells on your front door, above a mantel, or at the end of your bed. You can make this by threading large jingle bells onto the ribbon with a knot on one side. Then, tie the un-knotted end around a small wreath or a piece of wire shaped into a circle. Wire together a small handful of Christmas greenery and attach it to the wreath. Finally, all you have to do is tie an oversized bow and glue that wire above the greenery. 

3. DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

DIY Christmas balloon wreath

Add a pop of colour and whimsical fun with this charming DIY Christmas wreath made from balloons. Let your children choose their favourite balloon colours and attach it to a circular piece of wire. Your children will surely want to hang these up in their bedrooms.

4. Pinecone Tree

This is a rather easy project to create, you don’t even have to buy anything major. Simply find some pine trees and collect some pine cones for the material. Give the pine cones to your children for them to paint red or green with some white dots, and just like that, you have hand-crafted ornaments to add around the house. 

5. Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Paper plate Christmas tree

You’ll soon find that you can make almost anything with paper plates. Simply cut one plate into thirds and layer the pieces so that they overlap and form the shape of a Christmas tree. Get your kids to paint it green, and then add ornaments and garlands from miniature pom poms and ribbons. 

6. Candy Pots

Collect mini flower pots for this simple holiday craft. Use simple craft supplies such as googly eyes, pipe cleaners and felt to bring miniature pots to life as Christmas characters, such as elves or snowmen. 

7. Mistletoe Footprints

Mistletoe footprints

Turn your kids’ footprints into sweet memories for years to come. All you need is some white paper and washable paint. Your kids will love covering their feet in paint and seeing an imprint of their own feet on a piece of paper that they can decorate.

8. Paper Snowflakes

Intricate paper snowflakes may look difficult to make, but all you need is folded white paper, scissors, and a steady hand for cutting out the small shapes for the unique snowflakes. These can then be hung on a window or from a mantelpiece. 

9. Twig Ornaments

Twig ornaments

This craft is a bit adventurous; firstly you’ll need to take a walk outside to collect some twigs. Then, use glue to create holiday shapes from your twigs, and finally, finish with some festive thread wrapping and a string to hang the ornaments from your Christmas tree or in a window. 


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We hope that you and your kids will enjoy some of these Christmas crafts this festive season. With different coloured paper, popsicle sticks and scissors, you and your children can go all out with Christmas crafts, they just need to choose whether they want to try to make a reindeer, Santa Claus, a snowman, or Christmas tree decorations this year. You can always find even more Christmas craft ideas for kids online, but any of these will be a fun task for your kids this Christmas.
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