Christmas in July Party Ideas for a Jolly Good Time

Do you hear those sleigh bells ringing… in the middle of the year? Whether you’re a festive fan longing for a mid-year Christmas celebration or you’re a sucker for hosting parties (and maybe even sharing gifts), hosting a Christmas in July-themed party can certainly lift spirits and spread joy. 

In this guide, we share exciting Christmas in July party themes, complete with outfit inspirations and decoration ideas, to make your gathering an event to remember.

4 Christmas in July Party Themes That Promise to Entertain

Christmas decorations at the forefront of a shot of a party

Theme 1: Enchanting White Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas in the midst of summer? Transform your space into a spellbinding Winter Wonderland with this theme.

  • Outfit Ideas: Request your guests to dress in white, silver, or icy blue outfits. Think sparkling accessories, faux fur wraps, and snowflake-patterned clothing to add to the winter aesthetic.
  • Decoration Ideas: Create an illusion of a snowy spectacle using white cotton wool for snow, silver glitter for a hint of sparkle, and plenty of twinkling fairy lights. You could also hang white balloons, snowflake cut-outs, and silver tinsel for an immersive experience.

Theme 2: Vintage Christmas

For a warm, nostalgic feel, consider a Vintage Christmas theme.

  • Outfit Ideas: Guests can embrace old-world charm with clothing from the 50s or 60s. Think Christmas dresses with full skirts for the ladies and vests or cardigans for the gentlemen.
  • Decoration Ideas: Use classic Christmas colours like red, green, and gold. Add vintage ornaments, traditional candles, popcorn strings, and a record player spinning classic Christmas tunes.

Theme 3: Ugly Christmas Sweater Bash

Inject a fun, relaxed, and totally festive spirit into your party with an Ugly Christmas Sweater theme. 

  • Outfit Ideas: The rule of thumb here is the more over-the-top, the better! Encourage your guests to wear the most colourful, extravagant, or downright outrageous festive sweaters they can find.
  • Decoration Ideas: Deck your party venue with typical Christmas décor but give it a fun twist by hanging old sweaters, colourful socks, and whimsical Christmas lights around.

Theme 4: Christmas Movie Marathon

For a low-key yet festive event, yet still filled with plenty of entertainment, a Christmas movie marathon theme is a winner.

  • Outfit Ideas: Have your guests come in comfortable pyjamas or onesies. You can even ask them to wear costumes inspired by their favourite Christmas movie characters.
  • Decoration Ideas: Set up a comfortable viewing area with plenty of cushions and blankets. Decorate with movie posters and props related to popular Christmas films. Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks!


A Christmas in July party is a fantastic way to bring the magic of the holiday season to the heart of the year. It’s an opportunity for friends and family to gather, celebrate, and create wonderful memories. And the best part? When the festivities end, you won’t have to worry about the post-party clean-up!

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