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Cleaning With Vinegar – How This Common Household Ingredient Could Help Around The House

Cleaning With Vinegar - How This Common Household Ingredient Could Help Around The House

If you’re looking for a natural ingredient that is less toxic and more environmentally friendly than most all-purpose cleaners, reach into your pantry and grab the bottle of vinegar. This common household ingredient, used mainly in the kitchen for cooking and baking, can also be used to restore the shine to several objects and surfaces in your home.

Luckily, cleaning with vinegar is not a difficult skill to master. How exactly do you do it, and what can it be used to clean? Keep reading to learn about how cleaning with vinegar could become your new favourite trick.

How To Clean A Kettle With Vinegar 

Kettles are one of the most important appliances in a home (especially if you’re a coffee or tea fanatic). Even though you might not notice it, a build-up of limescale will occur in your kettle after enough use. There’s an easy way to get rid of it, though. Learn how to clean a kettle with vinegar and say goodbye to limescale with the 4 steps below:

  1. Fill your kettle between the halfway and ¾ way points with equal parts water and vinegar.
  2. Put the kettle on to boil for a full cycle.
  3. Allow the kettle to sit for a couple of hours so that the mixture can break the limescale down thoroughly. 
  4. Once the time has passed, pour out the mixture and rinse the kettle a few times. You can also use a sponge to ensure no limescale is left. 

How To Clean Windows With Vinegar

If you’re unsure about what cleaning products to use on your windows, there’s a simple solution – vinegar will do the trick. Follow the 4 steps below and learn how to clean windows with vinegar:

Tip: Use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove dust from your windows before cleaning. This is done to prevent your windows from getting scratched.

  1. Combine one part distilled vinegar with 10 parts warm water in a spray bottle. 
  2. Spray a generous amount of the cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth and clean from top to bottom. Rubbing in circular motions will produce the best results. Try to avoid getting vinegar on wood or fibreglass finishes as it could discolour them. 
  3. To dry your windows, use a different clean microfiber cloth to wipe in vertical lines from bottom to top. You’ll want to do this quickly after cleaning the windows to prevent streaking. 
  4. If there are remaining streaks, rinse the windows with clean water.

How To Clean An Iron With Vinegar

There’s nothing worse than having a faulty iron that doesn’t do its job properly, especially when you need to get somewhere in a rush. If that’s the case in your house, your iron probably needs cleaning. Learn how to clean an iron with vinegar using the 4 steps below:

  1. Soak a clean cloth or towel in vinegar.
  2. Place your iron on it facing downward.
  3. Let the iron rest for 30 minutes while you clean something else around the kitchen.
  4. Once the time has passed, wipe away the vinegar and dirt with a damp cloth.

How To Clean Suede Shoes With Vinegar

If you’ve had someone step on your blue suede shoes recently, there’s no need to panic. Follow the 4 steps below when learning how to clean suede shoes with vinegar.

  1. Pour a small amount of white vinegar onto a clean, dry cloth – make sure it’s only enough to dampen the suede, not soak it.
  2. Rub the vinegar into any stained areas your shoes have.
  3. Allow your shoes to air-dry.
  4. Brush your shoes to ensure no marks are left on them.


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