10 Design Ideas For Small Living Spaces

When designing or decorating a small home or space, it’s easy to assume that your home is too small to add creativity. But actually, when it comes to small homes, you can use the opportunity to go big on design. You may not have a long list of items to choose from, so it’s essential to choose the types and colours of furniture, wall colour, flooring and more, carefully. 

You can find the solution for your home with some know-how and research. You may even find that you have an interest in ideas that you wouldn’t have considered in a larger home. If you are bored with your home decor and have limited space to work with, here are 10 design ideas for small living spaces and homes that will come in handy.

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Creative Design Ideas For Small Houses

  1. Open floor plan
  2. Try to make it bright
  3. Wall-mounted light fixtures
  4. Glass doors
  5. Hang curtains higher
  6. Large mirrors
  7. Large statement furniture items
  8. Storage furniture
  9. Hang plants from the ceiling
  10. Hang your TV

1. Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans work well to create a look of more space for a small home, even if it’s an open plan from the kitchen to the living room or dining room. They are also stylish, functional and simple to create. And, of course, they provide the illusion of a bigger living area. If you have an open floor plan, first think about each of the rooms in your home and picture where you want to have the kitchen, living room and dining room. Then you can start by arranging your furniture; the farther items are away from the walls, the more inclusive space is, making the home more inviting. 

Adding a rug area can make the open plan look like an area that has its designated part in your home. Using the same or similar colour theme throughout an open plan helps it become more cohesive, as does using matching furniture. For example, try having wooden furniture throughout your home and see what difference it makes. 

It’s best to avoid keeping a large dining table. Instead, you could choose to install a breakfast bar.

2. Try To Make It Bright

To make your space feel and look brighter and lighter, white-painted walls are a must. Lots of natural light through the windows and mirrors throughout the house can help the inside of your home appear more spacious. 

3. Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

Wall-mounted fixtures

Small home design is all about choosing the smarter option. You can do this by adding lights to your walls. That way, you don’t use up extra space for lamps on the floors or tables.

4. Glass Doors

Swap out standard wooden or steel doors for glass doors; this will increase light in the home and allow light to move around in your small space. This includes both inside and outside doors. Furthermore, check out these 10 smart ways to brighten up your home

5. Hang Curtains Higher

Your curtains should hang closer to the ceiling, as this will give the illusion of your ceilings being much higher than they are. This will also help to make your place appear to look bigger. 

6. Large Mirrors

An oversized mirror is an essential way to expand your interior living space and allow the natural light to reflect. Whether it’s in a bedroom or living area, it will bounce light from outdoors, spreading more natural light throughout your home. Keep your mirrors clean with our guide on how to clean a mirror

7. Large Statement Furniture Items

You may feel limited to small furniture items, but your lack of square footage doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to it. Invest in a large statement piece like a couch with a lot of seating rather than having more small seats or couches. This will give you the same amount of seating and provide a more cohesive style. 

8. Storage Furniture 

For smaller homes, you may want to add some extra storage. Consider investing in a bed with built-in storage. Hidden storage under the bed for your items is a great way to keep clutter to a minimum and have some organisation amongst your belongings.

9. Hang Plants From The Ceiling

Hanging plants

A great way to get the most out of your houseplants is by hanging them from the ceiling. Whether they’re large, long, or short, hanging plants from the ceiling means they won’t be taking up space on the floor. House plants can also be placed on top of shelves to minimise taking up space on the floor.

10. Hang Your TV

The television doesn’t have to sit on a cabinet and take up unnecessary space. The easiest way to make it take up less space is by mounting the TV on the wall. 


There you have it. We hope these innovative, small house design solutions help you to increase the aesthetic throughout your home and offer more spaciousness. You can DIY most of these techniques to liven up your space. Don’t forget to open up the living area and add some of your own finishing touches.

If you’re looking to open up your home or living area, with some planning and these tips, you will be able to transform your space into a dream home, no matter the size.

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