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Discover the Cleaning Power of Sunlight: A Breakdown of Their Top Products

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Finding a cleaning product that balances the scales of effectiveness and cost is tricky, but when it comes to trusted cleaning brands, Sunlight is a name that stands out. With a range of effective and reliable products, Sunlight has been a household favourite for generations, while also being a favourite for SweepStars and SweepSouth customers alike. 

In this blog post, we will share valuable cleaning tips in the form of information, by taking a closer look at some of Sunlight’s top products, including their laundry bars, handwashing powder, fabric conditioner, auto powder, auto and handwash liquid, and dishwashing products. Let’s explore the cleaning power of Sunlight and discover how these products can make your cleaning tasks a breeze.

1. Sunlight Laundry Bars

Sunlight Laundry Bars have been a staple in households for years. These solid bars are formulated to tackle tough stains and deliver effective cleaning results. They are suitable for handwashing clothes and are especially useful for spot-treating stubborn stains before washing. The Laundry Bars are convenient, long-lasting, and known for their powerful stain-removal capabilities.

2. Sunlight Handwashing Powder

Comparing washing powders is necessary to make the right choice, but when speaking specifically of Sunlight, theirs is designed for effective cleaning and stain removal in handwashing. This powder detergent penetrates deep into fabrics, lifting away dirt and grime. It is formulated with enzyme technology to break down tough stains, leaving clothes fresh and clean. Sunlight Handwashing Powder is suitable for a wide range of fabrics and provides excellent results even in cold water.

3. Sunlight Fabric Conditioner

Sunlight Fabric Conditioner is the perfect companion to your laundry routine. It helps soften and freshen fabrics, leaving them feeling luxuriously soft and smelling delightful. The Fabric Conditioner reduces static cling and makes ironing easier. With a range of refreshing scents to choose from, Sunlight Fabric Conditioner adds a touch of long-lasting freshness to your clothes.

4. Sunlight Auto Powder

Sunlight Auto Powder is specially formulated for use in automatic washing machines. This powder detergent delivers powerful cleaning performance while protecting your machine. It effectively removes dirt, stains, and odours, leaving your laundry fresh and vibrant. The Auto Powder is designed to dissolve quickly, ensuring optimal cleaning results in every wash cycle.

5. Sunlight Auto and Handwash Liquid

For versatility and convenience, Sunlight offers an Auto and Handwash Liquid detergent. This liquid detergent is suitable for both automatic washing machines and handwashing. It provides effective cleaning and stain removal, giving you flexibility in your laundry routine. The Auto and Handwash Liquid is gentle on fabrics and delivers great results in all water temperatures.

6. Sunlight Dishwashing Products

In addition to laundry products, Sunlight offers a range of dishwashing products that are tough on grease and gentle on hands. Sunlight’s dishwashing liquids and dishwasher tablets effectively cut through grease, leaving dishes sparkling clean. The dishwashing products are available in various formulations, including antibacterial options, to suit different cleaning needs.


With a variety of powerful products, Sunlight has established itself as a reliable and trusted brand in the world of cleaning. Whether you’re tackling laundry stains or ensuring spotless dishes, their products deliver quality results you can depend on. 
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