6 DIY Christmas Tree Decorations To Get Busy Making This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year again when families gather, the tree goes up, and everyone is eagerly waiting to unwrap their gifts. Christmas is a special time for bonding, laughing, eating, and decorating. For the last part, you might be thinking of pulling out the same old decorations you’ve used for years on end, but why not try something new? Instead of just gathering with your family around the dinner table this year, you could all have fun testing your hands at making homemade Christmas decorations.

The SweepSouth team loves decorating, so we’ve compiled a list of easy DIY Christmas decorations to make your tree stand out. You won’t need any fancy tools, and the materials will all be easy to find. Gather your loved ones and get to work by making these DIY Christmas tree decorations for a festive season you’ll never forget.

1. Festive Cookie Cutters

  • What You’ll Need: Cookie cutters in various shapes; ribbon; sellotape; rope.
  • How To Make: 

1. Wrap different cookie cutters in as much ribbon as needed. Use your favourite colours and shapes to decorate.

2. Use small pieces of tape to pin down the ends of the ribbon so that there aren’t any flaps, or simply tuck them underneath another piece.

3. Use another piece of ribbon or rope to tie around the top and hang from the tree. 

2. Twig Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • What You’ll Need: Twigs; ice cream sticks; glue; ribbon or rope; mini-decorations of your choice.
  • How To Make: 

1. Gather some dry twigs of a similar width.

2. Break up or cut the twigs into different lengths, to form the shape of a tree.

3. Glue your twigs to the ice cream stick, starting with the longest at the bottom and working your way up to the shortest at the top.

4. Glue a piece of ribbon or rope to the other side of the ice cream stick for hanging.

5. Allow the glue to dry before decorating with your favourite mini-decorations.

3. Clothes Peg Stars 

  • What You’ll Need: 13 to 15 wooden pegs per star; glue; paint; ribbon or rope.
  • How To Make: 

1. Remove the springs from the pegs.

2. Paint the pieces in your favourite festive colours.

3. Once the pegs are dry, glue the pieces of each peg back to back.

4. Then glue the bottom pieces (where your fingers would usually go) of each peg to each other to form a circular, star shape. 

5. Glue a piece of ribbon or rope to the star to hang from your tree.

4. Family Photo Decorations

  • What You’ll Need: Thin planks of wood; printed family photos; glue; ribbon or rope.
  • How To Make:

1. Cut your planks of wood into squares or rectangles, the same size as the photos.

2. Glue the photos to the pieces of wood.

3. Glue a piece of rope or ribbon to the other side of the wood for hanging.

5. Funny Face Ornaments

  • What You’ll Need: Small polystyrene balls, big enough to see the faces; paint and paintbrushes; glue; ribbon or rope.
  • How To Make: 

1. Get creative and paint faces with different colours and expressions onto numerous polystyrene balls.

2. Allow the paint to dry.

3. Glue a piece of ribbon or rope onto the top of the balls for hanging.

6. Mini Snowmen

  • What You’ll Need: Polystyrene balls (3 different sizes); skewer sticks; small twigs; toothpicks; black paint; orange paint; glue; red ribbon or rope.
  • How To Make: 

1. Attach 3 different-sized polystyrene balls for the bottom section, torso, and head of the snowman, onto a skewer stick. Cut off the extra length of the stick coming out the bottom and top balls.

2. Place two small twigs into either side of the middle polystyrene ball for the arms.

3. Cut a toothpick in half, paint it orange, and use it for the snowman’s nose.

4. Use black paint to create the eyes, mouth, and buttons on the snowman. 

5. Tie a red ribbon between the top and middle polystyrene ball to act as a scarf.

6. Glue a piece of ribbon or rope onto the top polystyrene ball for hanging.


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Now that your mind is filled with brilliant Christmas tree ideas, you can share the enthusiasm with the rest of your family and get them just as excited. Don’t forget to share these DIY Christmas tree decorations with friends who are also looking to do something more creative this festive season. While you’re in the DIY mood, learn how to make Christmas crackers and surprise your loved ones with something personal in them. Don’t forget that our expert cleaning services can be booked before the big lunch or dinner, and for a clean up afterward. We’ll take care of the cleaning so that you can take care of the decorating.

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