12 DIY Halloween Costumes Made With Household Items

Halloween is a holiday that is not greatly commercialised or widely celebrated throughout South Africa as it is in other parts of the world. But still, many people and children do dress up and go trick or treating along organised residential neighbourhoods on the night of Halloween. Public and private Halloween parties have increased in popularity, while nightclubs and bars usually capitalise on the event and host Halloween themed parties. If you’re planning on attending a Halloween party this year, and you’re looking for an exciting costume without overspending, take a look at these household Halloween costume ideas. 

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1. A Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams Costume

To create a spooky Wednesday Addams look, all you need is a black and white collared shirt dress and a pair of braided pigtails. Add some dark dramatic make-up to complete the costume. 

2. Shower Sponge

Shower sponge costume

This fun and easy costume can be easily made with colourful tulle which you’ll find at any fabric store. 

Bunch the tulle and pin it to a sleeveless dress or outfit, and use a hot glue gun to stick a rubber duck to a black headband. Carry an empty shampoo bottle to make the costume come to life. 

3. Velma And Shaggy

Scooby Doo Costumes

This Halloween costume is fun for couples. For Velma, you will need thick black frames, an orange turtleneck, a red skirt, and a short red bob wig that should be available at an affordable price from a costume store. For Shaggy, simply pair a baggy green t-shirt with brown pants and some stubble. 

4. Men In Black

Men in Black Costume

This costume works perfectly for couples, or even trios. The best part of all is that you only need a black tux, white shirt, and of course, a black pair of shades. 

5. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

To dress up as the little red riding hood, you’ll need a black dress and a red cape tied around your neck, and lastly, don’t forget a basket. Now you’re set for your Halloween party or grandmother’s house. 

6. Queen Of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Costume

One of the best costumes for adults – you’ll be the queen of any party in an Alice In Wonderland themed costume. For the collar, wrap a large piece of paper around your neck and staple cards from a deck around it; for the best effect, you should slightly layer the cards. Pair it with a satin red dress, golden tiara and bold red lipstick, and you’re all set. 

7. Black Cat

Black cat costume

A black cat costume is simple and fun for teens. Create this classic Halloween costume, with a black top, pants, gloves, and a tutu. Create the cat effect by painting on whiskers and putting on some cat ears. 

8. Bubblegum Machine Costume

Bubble Gum Machine Costume

This is the perfect Halloween costume for your little ones. Create a candy-coloured look by simply glueing multi-coloured pom poms onto a white tank top and black headband. Stick a R2 sign onto a red tutu so that the whole costume ties together. 

9. Bat Costume

Bat Costume

Make yourself into a bat for halloween with an old black umbrella. Simply cut the umbrella in half and attach it underneath the arms of a black hoodie with a glue gun or safety pins. Fasten the metal hinges with black insulation tape. Complete your costume with foam ears and some feathers. 

Or become batwoman, in a full black outfit paired with black boots and jacket. Add a Batman graphic to the front of your top. Finish the costume off with a bat-earned gat, or a pair of old-fashion costume cat ears. 

10. Unicorn Costume

Unicorn Costume

Dress up as a unicorn for Halloween with cardboard and paper plates for the unicorn’s wings. The horn can be easily made with drinking straws glued together into a horn. 

11. Bandits

Bandits Costume

For this couple’s Halloween costume, all you need is a pair of black and white striped shirts, black gloves, and black face paint or masks. And to finish off the ensemble, paint the Rand sign onto fabric bags. 

12. Flamingo

Flamingo Costume

This is a nice costume for kids. Put on an all pink outfit, add a tutu, and glue on nig pink feathers (that can be found at a craft store) to the back of your outfit. Top off the costume with a flamingo hat or mask. 

For adults, simply pair hot pink leggings and a pink boa or large feathered scarf.

To Conclude 

We hope that these Halloween costume ideas are an inspiration for you, or even your kids. There is something fun about making your own DIY Halloween costumes, especially if you have an idea in mind that may not be easy to find in stores. Even if you don’t consider yourself as artsy, whether you’re celebrating Halloween by yourself, with your partner, or with a group, the costumes listed here can be made last minute from household items, and will only make your Halloween more fun. 
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