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4 Easter Egg Hunt Variations (With Instructions) Your Kids Will Love

4 Easter Egg Hunt Variations (With Instructions) Your Kids Will Love

The Easter weekend brings with it heaps of joy and entertainment, especially for kids! Remember that feeling of pure excitement you welcomed around this time of the year as your youthful eyes lit up at the sights of Easter eggs and decorations, and the thought of family get-togethers and Easter games? Those were moments you’ll cherish forever, but now it’s your child’s turn to experience those very same feelings.

An Easter egg hunt ranks among the most popular Easter ideas for kids. It gives them an opportunity to go on a mini adventure and become investigators for the day. If you’re stuck on what Easter egg hunt ideas to try out, we’ve got some egg-cellent suggestions for you. Gather all the goodies and make it a day worth remembering for your precious bunnies. If you need help getting your home ready for the Easter hunt or family gathering, book a cleaning service with the experts at SweepSouth. They’ll leave your home in spegg-tacular condition!

1. Glow-In-The-Dark Easter Egg Hunt

This is one of those extremely rare times you’ll thank Eskom for load shedding. If your power hasn’t already been cut, hit the lights and follow the instructions below.


  1. Ask your children to help you paint plastic eggs in glow-in-the-dark paint. An alternative option to this is attaching glowsticks to regular-coloured plastic eggs.
  2. Create a system where each colour is worth a certain amount of points. 
  3. Hide the eggs in their designated areas and create a list of clues based on these spots. 
  4. Make the setting as dark as possible, and give your children and their friends flashlights to hunt for the eggs. You could even equip them with glow sticks to add to the fun.
  5. Once all the eggs have been found, tally up the scores to see who wins. 

2. Puzzle Piece Easter Egg Hunt

In this Easter hunt, the investigators will need to piece the puzzle together after they’ve pieced the clues together and found the eggs. 


  1. Create a jigsaw puzzle by drawing an image on a piece of cardboard or thick paper and cutting it into puzzle pieces. Make more than one puzzle with the same design if there are enough children to be split into teams.
  2. Place the puzzle pieces in plastic Easter eggs and hide them in their designated areas. If the kids will be hunting in teams, assign each team a specific colour of eggs they’ll need to find. 
  3. Create a list of clues based on the spots where eggs will be placed.  
  4. Once a team has found all their eggs, they will need to assemble the puzzle.
  5. The team to finish their puzzle first wins the egg hunt! 

3. Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt

From one clue to the next, eggs-pert investigators will need to figure them out until they reach the ultimate treasure – all of the delicious treats in one secret spot. 


  1. Create clues for a scavenger hunt and place them in plastic Easter eggs. Each clue should lead to the next one. 
  2. Hide the eggs in their designated spots.
  3. Give the kids/teams their first clue and send them on the hunt for the first egg. 
  4. The final clue should lead the children to a location where delicious Easter chocolates are waiting for them. To make sure everyone gets a treat, split the chocolates up and place them in jars for each team. 

4. Obstacle Course Easter Egg Hunt

Before indulging in delicious Easter chocolates, this hunt will help the investigators work up an appetite. 


  1. Create an obstacle course with various challenges for the kids to complete. These could include: hopping on one foot; jumping jacks; building a puzzle; crawling under a table, etc. 
  2. Hide the plastic Easter eggs throughout the obstacle course.
  3. Get the kids to race through the course as quickly as they can while collecting the eggs along the way. 
  4. Whoever collects the most eggs wins the hunt!

N.B. Make sure the challenges aren’t dangerous and that the kids participate safely.


No matter which of the above Easter egg hunts you choose, make it a day for your children to remember. We know your inner child won’t be able to resist cracking the clues, so make it extra fun by joining them on their quest! 
Before you go, we know how important sending out good wishes on Easter is, so we’ve compiled a list of happy Easter messages for you to choose from. You may even find one or two puns as great as those written above.

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