Everything There Is To Know About Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning is something that should be done on a seasonal or yearly basis and is a vital part of homeownership. It’s an easy way to keep your home looking its best inside and out. Usually, it’s simply to clean the easy to reach windows, but the ones higher up at the top are neglected. With SweepSouth your windows will be kept clean and streak free – we deliver on our promise of succeeding our expectations. 

In this article, we’ll explain why you should clean your windows and give you some cleaning tips for the simplest ways to clean your windows.

Why Window Cleaning Is Important

Window cleaning is one of the simplest ways to spot clean your home or office. It involves the cleaning of the glass and frames of the windows and the removal of dirty and unwanted substances. Having clean windows prevents a build-up of bacteria and gets rid of dust that has collected on the window, while also removing streaks from the glass. Clean windows also makes it easier to see outside and allows light into your home. 

What Are The Best Methods For Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is a time-consuming and tedious task for most. It is usually left out until it’s necessary, but the longer it’s left the more difficult it will become. There are a number of different ways that windows can be cleaned. It all depends on the type of window you have and what sort of cleaning solution you’re using. 

Methods For Window Cleaning

Methods of window cleaning
  • Hand cleaning is the most common method of window cleaning. The person cleaning the window will usually use a long-handled squeegee with a blade on one side to wipe down water and debris from the glass.
  • Brush and hose rinse is an eco-friendly method of window cleaning. A brush is used to scrub the dirt off and then water is sprayed onto the glass from a hose to rinse away the remaining debris or residue on the glass. 
  • Pressure washing is also a popular method for window cleaning that uses a high-pressure washer to clean the windows. This technique can be dangerous if not used properly as it can cause damage to windows, particularly if they are made from an easily breakable material such as stained glass. 

The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Cleaning

Commercial vs residential window cleaning

The difference between residential and commercial window cleaning is not only the type of window being cleaned. Commercial window cleaners have to take into consideration the height that the windows are located on a building, and how many windows there are. Residential window cleaners have more freedom with time and clean more than one window at a time. 

There are also different types of chemicals used for residential and commercial window cleaning. Commercial cleaners use stronger chemicals that can be used on surfaces without damaging them. SweepStars are trained to clean both commercial and residential windows. 

Professional Window Cleaning Near You

A professional SweepStar will be a great investment for your home or business. The services provided will help you maintain the exterior and interior windows and make your windows look fresh and new. SweepSouth ensures your expectations of window cleaning services are exceeded. Leave the dirty work that’s too hard for you to reach, for us, so that we can deliver on our promise. With SweepSouth, looking for a trusted, professional window cleaner from our range of cleaning services couldn’t be easier. 

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

The price for window cleaning will depend on the number of windows you have that need to be cleaned. Head over to our easy-to-use booking portal or app for an obligatory-free price check.

How You Can Keep Your Windows Looking Their Best

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We have discussed the basics of window cleaning and the different types of window cleaning. Alternatively, head over to our blog where you can read about how to clean your windows and other areas of your home. 
Window cleaning, together with the rest of your home, can be completed in just a few hours. By hiring a SwepStar you can have your windows cleaned professionally, and keep them crystal clear so you can enjoy a better view.

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