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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Child congratulating dad and giving him postcard.

If it were up to them alone, our dads would humbly accept a new pair of socks coupled with a new tie for Father’s Day. But why go for that same old combination when there are so many exciting and brilliant Father’s Day gift ideas out there? After all, the men in our lives who proudly announce their dad jokes every day, and always lend a shoulder for us to lean on, deserve the world and so much more! We know that you’re looking to spoil your dad with something different; the question is, what type of dad is he?

The answer to that question isn’t the word dad with the first ‘d’ replaced with an ‘r’ (that’s our dad joke for the day). There’s no doubt about him being rad, but we’re referring to his interests and passions. Because all dads are different, you’re spoilt for choice. But if you’re really looking to zone in on the perfect gift, keep reading to discover the best Father’s Day gift ideas for every type of dad.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads of Every Kind

From the braai-loving dads to those who would prefer to watch others on TV competing for The Ultimate Braai Master; from the sports-playing dads to those who prefer to read autobiographies of their favourite sportspeople – one thing is certain…we love them all! Search through the list of different types of dads below to find the perfect gift for yours. 

The Outdoorsy Dad

You might not enjoy those camping trips that Dad used to take you on, but he surely does if he’s the outdoorsy type. If this sounds like him, spoil him with one of the following gifts:

The Tech-Savvy Dad

Growing up playing with basic tech gadgets as little boys turns many men into tech nerds that change the world with their genius ideas. Maybe your dad hasn’t come up with his genius invention…yet. Either way, he’ll surely enjoy one of these tech gift ideas below:

The Foodie Dad

Being a foodie is something that exists across all categories of gender, sex, race, culture, etc. But when it comes to dad foodies, they take it to an expert level, mainly because of their love for a weekend braai! If your dad is someone who loves nothing more than to light up some firelighters and charcoal before fitting as many different foods as he can on a braai grid, these gift ideas below are for him:

The Sports Fanatic Dad

Most of our dads enjoy kicking back on the weekend, topping up on their favourite drinks and snacks, and relishing in the hype of the game. Whether that’s football, rugby, cricket, or another sport, their loyalty as a fan comes through in the intensity of their cheers. If you’re someone who finds your dad shouting at his favourite athletes through the TV on weekends, he’ll enjoy one of the following Father’s Day gift ideas:

The Bookworm Dad

In contrast to the sports fanatics, some dads enjoy a quiet weekend soaking up the words and wisdom from their favourite books. Oftentimes, the books are even based on famous athletes or sporting events. If your dad enjoys reading, consider getting him one of the gifts below:

Father’s Day Gifts South Africa

Shopping for Father’s Day gifts can often be a nightmare with the number of stores and brands there are to choose from. To help you out, we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most well-known and reputable South African retailers where you’ll be spoilt for choice with Father’s Day pressies.


Ready to spoil your dad? Of course you are! Here’s to hoping that the gift guide we’ve given you has helped make your choice that much easier. Don’t forget to spoil him with a clean home from SA’s #1 home services platform. Choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor SweepSouth cleaning services to keep his home in a neat and orderly fashion, just the way Dad likes it!

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