Festive Christmas Living Room Décor Ideas To Make Your Celebrations That Much Better

The living room is usually the heart of most Christmas festivities. Many of us have traditions carried on from childhood when it comes to decorating. There are so many Christmas living room décor ideas you can use for your living space. From festive themes, to making your living room match the rest of your home or adding subtle touches to your shelves, there is a way to make your living room the most inviting and exciting room for the festive season. 

This Christmas, give your living room the festive flair with our festive Christmas living room ideas and find the perfect way to decorate and transform your living area.

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1. Greenery And Foliage

Christmas greenery and foliage are key to starting your decorating. For your living room, use greenery such as olive branches, pine, eucalyptus, and juniper as garlands that can decorate your shelves, TV cabinet and fireplace. They can also be hung around photo frames or artworks on the wall. You can also make wreaths with florist wire and hooks, then feed your plants onto the wire for a more unique design. You can buy artificial Christmas greenery that looks just as good, but with real greenery, you also get to enjoy the pleasant scents they give off. 

2. The Fireplace

The fireplace

The fireplace is a great centrepiece for Christmas design schemes and decorations. It’s the perfect place for your Christmas foliage, garland, LED lights and candles, or small decorations like paper baubles. 

3. Scents To Set The Mood

The scent of the festive season is always a plus. Try blending essential oils to get your preferred aroma. Also, a candle in a festive candlestick can add scent and some light to the atmosphere of your living room. 

4. Gift Displays

Gift displays

One of the most affordable decorating details, and you can get creative with the way that they are displayed. As they are just for decoration, you make them by simply wrapping empty cardboard boxes with Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon. Fill empty corners of the living room with wrapped boxes, and add a few to the windowsills as well as a pile in front of a fireplace. They will be light enough to create a beautiful display. 

5. Dress Your Couches

A simple change in the colour palette to warmer, or even metallic shades, will make a big difference to your living room. There’s nothing better than putting on your favourite Netflix Christmas movies and relaxing on your newly dressed couch. Adding an extra blanket and changing your soft furnishings for the season is the perfect way to refresh your interior décor. Your Christmas couch décor can then be stored away after the festive season, until it’s needed again next year.

6. Red And White Christmas Living Room Decor

Red And White Christmas Living Room Décor

Traditional Christmas colours for living room décor are green, red and white. But, you can also add some silver decorations for a touch of glamour to your space. Think of having a white Christmas tree with red sparkling decorations, or adding large red throw blankets and cushions to your couches. 

7. Maximalism

The maximalism décor trend is about embracing excess and adding to the Christmas spirit. Christmas is the perfect season to indulge in exciting décor and take on the ‘more is more’ and ‘the bigger the better’ ideologies. Allow colour and patterns to take over your space, be bold, and aim for brightness and creativity while emphasising your favourite object or colour shade. Maximalism includes many fairy lights, blown glass ornaments, and glitter baubles to fill your space.

How To Decorate A Small Living Room For Christmas

How To Decorate A Small Living Room For Christmas

If you have a smaller space, you can still enjoy the Christmas decorations. You could try having a smaller tabletop Christmas tree on a console table or sideboard. Then add some garland to your mantelpiece or wrap some around a large mirror, and add some hanging lights for a warm inviting glow. Try to use neutral colours when decorating your small tree to avoid attracting too much attention to the size of the tree or area.


We hope that these ideas inspire you to create a festive living space this holiday season. If you’re thinking about where your Christmas tree should be put up, it’s best to place it somewhere that feels centred, but not too distracting as you’ll want to be able to move around it easily. Make sure it doesn’t block the TV or couches for entertainment purposes, or the windows for natural light. If there’s a furniture item that your living room could do without to make space for your Christmas tree, then it is best to remove it for the holidays. 

If your living room needs to be cleaned before you can start putting up your decorations, you may want to create a holiday cleaning checklist or book a flexible cleaning service with SweepSouth so that you can enjoy your festivities without worrying about cleaning up.

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