Best Fidget Toys For Anxiety And Other Stress-Related Disorders

Have you ever noticed that at your most stressful or nervous moments, you can’t stop fidgeting? These small movements of restlessness are thought to be a coping mechanism that helps with stimulant release and increases focus in individuals with attention disorders. From twirling your hair to tapping your fingers or bouncing your knees, it is commonly found in people who have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), anxiety, or plain old stress. 

Fidget toys are becoming more popular as they can help to calm you down. They are designed to boost your focus by giving your hands something to do. That way, your mind can stay calm and focused, and it will help you to avoid other distracting habits. Here are the 10 best fidget toys that can help improve your attention and focus.

Benefits Of Fidget Toys On Anxiety

Although fidget toys are usually advertised more for children, they are essentially handheld tools designed to assist a user in focusing and minimising stress. They are also said to improve one’s learning ability. Although their benefits aren’t supported by scientific research yet, they are still widely used and highly recommended by many. These toys come in various forms, such as fidget cubes and spinners, and rubber band balls. 

People who suffer from anxiety often fidget or make other small movements when feeling anxious, restless or impatient. Fidget toys allow an outlet during these times, which can also help to calm a person, decrease stress, and be a distraction in an environment that may be overstimulating. The rhythmic sensation of these motions is self-soothing.

Fidget toys can also be used as a break in the day. But, in some cases, certain fidget toys (like fidget spinners) can become more of a distraction, especially for children. 

Types Of Fidget Toys

There is a wide range of fidget toys available in different shapes and sizes to match your needs. Everyone is different so you may find some toys more helpful than others. There are various fidget toys you can buy, so you might want to try more than one. 

1. Fidget Spinners

A fidget spinner is a three-pronged tool that fits perfectly in your hand and is simply spun. They are usually made of plastic or metal. They work well for people who can’t help themselves from fidgeting with their hands. However, they can be distracting to some. 

2. Stress Balls

Stress ball

These come in various sizes, shapes and materials. They can help with getting rid of energy and calming your nerves. These fidget toys also strengthen muscles in the hands and wrists. The motion of clenching and releasing the hand is part of a relaxation exercise. Some stress balls have additional features like the added scent for stress relief. Others have small positive affirmations printed on them for a little extra motivation. 

3. Magnetic Sculpting Balls

Magnetic balls are also useful for anxiety. They are lots of fun to play with and can be made into almost any shape that you can think of. They are sleek enough to be kept on the desk at work, and small enough to fit into a pocket. You can also use it to keep your hands busy during a meeting.

4. Fidget Cubes

This fidget toy is a bit more complex, with multiple options to keep your hands busy. It is typically made from plastic, and each of the six sides include a different activity. Whether clicking, twisting, spinning, or flipping, you can keep your hands busy and your mind occupied elsewhere. 

5. Stress Relief Straws And Chewable Pendants 

Sensory tools are not only limited to your hands. Chewable pendants are oral sensory tools for anyone who has a habit of chewing their nails, hair, pens and more. If you do choose an oral sensory toy, look out for ones that are latex, BPA, lead, and PVC-free. If buying this toy for a child, depending on their age, supervision is required. 

Stress relief straws are made to assist in breathing. Straw breathing starts with inhaling normally through the nose and then exhaling out through the straw, repeating as often as necessary. The straw helps you to exhale more fully, which in turn decreases anxiety. 

What To Consider When Looking For A Fidget Toy

There are many options of fidget toys to choose from and a few factors you may want to consider. Here are the 4 important things to keep in mind when looking for a fidget toy. 

1. Needs

The main goal of the use of a fidget toy is to better manage anxiety or help with attention and focus. Dealing with anxiety, ADHD, and other issues is difficult, so a fidget toy shouldn’t be treated like a complete solution. They are rather short term solutions for when you find yourself stressed or unable to focus in some situations. 

2. Environment

This is also an important factor when choosing a fidget toy. If you are mostly in an office or classroom setting, then something small and silent is more suitable, so you don’t distract others around you. Something that can be operated discreetly and quietly like a fidget cube or stress ball should do just fine. These allow you to engage in your surroundings while also relieving fidget tendencies. 

3. Durability

Since these fidget toys are usually used in stressful situations, they must be durable enough to withstand wear and tear. So, if you are looking to use a fidget toy for stress relief, you may want to consider a tougher material such as plastic or metal. 

4. Look And Feel

Fidget toy look and feel

To ensure that the fidget toy is used to the fullest, it’s best to choose one that is comfortable, and has a satisfying texture and look. It depends on how it appeals to and feels to you. It’s best to be sure that you enjoy the texture of the toy and become comfortable with using it in public. Rather avoid any toys that are too small or are a choking hazard for small children if you have kids. 


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Fidgeting isn’t always bad; it can be good for your health, especially for those who have to sit for long hours. But fidgeting can annoy those around you such as co-workers or family members. To be able to fidget without disrupting others in the room, it’s best to look out for a fidget toy. We hope that these fidget toys help you to combat fidget habits. Instead of trying to stop fidgeting, do it in a constructive way with a fidget toy. Lastly, if you’re struggling with bad habits that you’d like to break, then learn how to break your worst habits to begin on your journey to a happier, healthier life.

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