Fun Facts About Singles Day And How To Celebrate It

It’s been a while since Valentine’s Day, so some things in your life might have changed. If your relationship status is one of those things, and you’ve now joined the singles club, there’s a specific day marked in the calendar to celebrate that. Singles Day is a chance for the single people of the world to raise their hands in celebration and treat themselves for the day.

If this is your first time hearing about this noteworthy day, or you’d like to know a little more about it in general, keep reading for some fun facts and ways to celebrate Singles Day. Spread the message of self-love and encourage others to feel happy with their single status, too. 

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When Is Singles Day?

Singles Day falls on November 11 every year. The reason for the date is because the two 1’s in the number 11 resemble single people. I’m sure you can now guess why it is celebrated in November, the 11th month of the year. Singles Day 2022 will fall on a Friday, meaning it’s a great way to get the weekend started. 

History Of Singles Day

This iconic day raising awareness for single people first started in China. In the 1990s, four male college students at Nanjing University decided to celebrate their single status and the general idea of being single. It was originally called Bachelor’s Day due to the students all being male, but it quickly spread like wildfire and became a mainstream day for all single people around the world. It wasn’t long before businesses started capitalising on the celebratory day, especially in China. 

FAQ’s Surrounding Singles Day

Questions about Singles Day

Like most holidays and celebratory occasions, there are interesting statistics to share about single people and the day that’s dedicated to them. Let’s take a look at those below:

1. How many single people in the world are there? 

Data that was collected from more than 230 countries suggests that the world currently has 2.12 billion single people. That’s a lot of fish in a very large sea!

2. How does being single affect your health? 

The answer to this is a six of one, half a dozen of the other type fact. Studies from around the world have shown that single people are at a higher risk of heart disease. However, it was also found that single people are more likely to eat healthily, exercise more, and as a result, gain less weight. Most of us have experienced that feeling of contentment when in a relationship that causes us to become a little more relaxed about our weight. 

3. Are single people happier? 

While most people assume that married people, or those in committed relationships (especially healthy relationships) are happier, that’s not always the case. Recent studies have shown that the majority of single people have reported being satisfied with their single status and their lives. Would they be more satisfied in a relationship? That answer can be given based on past experiences, but they don’t know what their future holds. 

4. Do Single People Live Longer?

Previous studies have shown that married men live slightly longer lives than single men. This could be due to the experience of togetherness with a partner or soulmate as opposed to a feeling of loneliness in the elderly years. However, based on the recent studies relating to question 2 above, the statistics on this could swing the other way in the future. 

How To Celebrate Singles Day

Celebrating Singles Day

If you’re struggling with ideas on how to celebrate this day and treat yourself, we’ve given you a list of ideas below:

  • Treat yourself to a spa day or massage treatment. Find out what type of massage is right for you based on your lifestyle and any particularly sore areas on your body.
  • Take yourself on a date. Who says dates are only meant to be had by two people? Because there isn’t a second person involved, you won’t need to compromise on what you feel like doing. Learning to enjoy alone time and one’s own company is a skill that everyone should be equipped with, single or not. Although Restaurant Week South Africa has passed, there is still a large variety of delicious food to be had from the country’s best restaurants.
  • Take a short road trip and visit one or more of the spectacular sights of the country. There are many attractions and outdoor places to visit in South Africa to add to your bucket list.
  • Grab your friends and head to a bar or nightclub for a fun night out. You never know who you might bump into – possibly another person celebrating singles day…who you could celebrate Valentine’s Day with next year. Here is a list of some of South Africa’s top nightclubs and spots to visit:
    • Joe Cool’s – Durban
    • Truth – Johannesburg
    • Madison Avenue – Johannesburg
    • Long Street – Cape Town
    • Bree Street Cape Town
    • Cubana – Durban
  • Go on a shopping spree and treat yourself to a new wardrobe or some much-needed appliances. Black Friday is coming up so there are some awesome deals to look forward to.  


No matter what you do on Singles Day 2022, make sure to wish yourself a happy Singles Day and have plenty of fun! Celebrate those who are in relationships while still celebrating yourself and what you’ve managed to accomplish on your own. While you’re out and about, remember to make a booking with SweepSouth, South Africa’s most trusted and professional cleaning services company.

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