10 Garden Décor Ideas To Try This Summer

After all the time spent entertaining indoors, it’s finally the season to move the decorating outside too. If you can’t wait to spend time with your family and friends outside by the pool and relax in the sun, you may also wonder how you can make your garden look as lovely as possible during this season. You don’t need a huge budget or a professional landscaping team to create your outdoor oasis. All you need are some creative garden decorating ideas to transform your outdoor space. Here you can find the inspiration to create beautiful areas of relaxation for your garden with these 10 ideas.

  1. Hanging plants
  2. Create an outdoor living area
  3. Hang string lights
  4. Create a decorative wall
  5. Add mirrors
  6. Plant a rose arch
  7. Add a fountain or water feature
  8. Lay a path
  9. All-white furniture
  10. Creative plant pots

1. Hanging Plants

If you already love potted plants, consider organising them in hanging order at different heights. It’s the most straightforward way to add appeal to your outdoor area. Greenery hanging vertically in your garden can start an ever-growing collection of beautiful plants. 

2. Create An Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor living area

It’s important to prioritise seating, especially if a lot of your summer is going to be spent in the garden. You can add an outdoor dining area, or living room, as long as there is somewhere to lounge and enjoy the view of your garden. Consider mixing several different kinds of outdoor seating to create a comfortable space to relax at any time throughout the day. A wooden garden swing can also be a great way to sit and enjoy the blooming flowers.

3. Hang String Lights

Set the relaxing mood and add warmth during the evenings with string lights above your outdoor dining or living area. You can layer several different types of lighting to illuminate all of the pretty areas outside. Consider adding festoon lights to your backyard and patio too.

4. Create A Decorative Wall

Plants don’t have to be for the borders of your garden only, you can create a decorative living wall set up against your fencing or garden wall. Fill the space with green foliage and beautiful blooming flowers. Your living wall ideas can be big or small; perhaps you would like to simply cover a section of the wall with herbs near your dining table, or you can cover the entire expanse of your fence or wall. 

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5. Add Mirrors

For smaller-sized gardens, consider creating the illusion of space by adding mirrors outdoors. It’s not only for the interior of your home. Adding a mirror to your garden is a nice way to brighten up spaces even more and add depth. Choose a design that’s shaped like a window, so when it’s placed on a wall or fence it adds to the illusion of portals to different areas, giving your garden a magical edge. 

Mirrors can also be used to brighten up the darker areas of your garden. If positioned in a north-facing corner, you will see how it transforms the space into a brighter, more exciting area. Best you know how to clean a mirror as well to optimise their brightening abilities. 

6. Plant A Rose Arch

Who doesn’t love roses? You can never have too many. Adding a rose archway that’s filled with cascading blooms can be a really pretty way to add height and great fragrance to your garden. Simply place a garden arch over a path to connect two areas, or position the arch over a bench for the perfect floral seating area.

However, if you are considering adding a rose arch, you will want to make sure you know how to plant roses and how to prune climbing roses to keep them looking their very best. 

7. Add A Fountain Or Water Feature

Transform your garden into a peaceful sanctuary with a garden fountain or water feature. The soothing sound of bubbling or running water will make all the difference in making your garden a peaceful and relaxing place. There are many water features to invest in that will add to the visuals and sounds of your garden. 

If you have one, you can find out here how to clean a water feature

8. Lay A Path

A path can be a nicer-looking alternative to grass that has been stepped on. Garden paths provide a highly practical addition to your garden. When choosing where you want to lay your garden path, take a walk through your garden and take note of the usual routes that are used to access sheds, vegetable gardens, and other important notes. You can also add deviations to the main points such as flower beds and water features. For garden paths, you can choose from tiles, pavers, gravel or stepping stones. It’s best to choose a style and materials that will complement the scheme and feel of your garden. 

9. All-White Furniture

If you like minimalist designs, adding all-white garden furniture can create a timeless look in your outdoor area. Start by adding white lounge chairs, and finish off the look with a rustic white table topped with lots of plants and greenery. 

10. Creative Plant Pots

When thinking about how to add plants to your garden, using recycled pots is a great way to add some creativity to your garden layout. Recycled pots can also act as decorative pieces. Consider choosing high-glazed, colourful, and patterned pots to make statements in your garden, or get even more creative by using other old household objects as plant pots. 

These can be metal tubs, buckets, and even small trash cans that can be transformed into makeshift plant pots, giving your garden more of a farmhouse aesthetic. 


When decorating your garden this summer, try out any of these ideas to create an exciting and inviting outdoor area that everyone will love. If you don’t already have a patio, you may want to consider adding one. It can be crafted from different patterned tiles, stone or decking, and provides a platform for your garden where you can entertain guests or simply enjoy the sun. The best way to decorate your garden is by creating an extension of the interior of your home, outdoors, to further compliment your indoor decor. 

Decorating your garden can bring more life to your home. While you think of how you would like to decorate your garden, let the SweepSouth outdoor team take care of all your gardening services and outdoor needs so you can focus on your dream garden. 

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