Gen Z Slang: A High-Key Guide to Words, Meanings, and How to Use Them

At SweepSouth, we’re all about flexing! No, not the sun’s out guns out type of vibe, but rather our ability to stay up to date and relate to all of our customers. For anyone who wasn’t born after 1997, it might seem like a form of entertainment to understand Gen Z slang. If you can relate to squinting your eyes at your phone screen every time your younger cousin makes an Insta post, we’ve got you covered, fam!   

In this post, we’ll cover 15 Gen Z slang terms, their meanings, and how to use them in everyday life. We can’t promise that your Gen Z niece or nephew will tell you how savage you are for using them, but they’ll most certainly be thinking it. 

The SweepSouth Flex – Making You 15 Gen Z Slang Terms More Knowledgeable

TermMeaningHow to Use It
GucciGood, cool, or fashionable“You’re looking Gucci in that new drip!”
DripA person’s fashion sense or clothing “That drip you’re wearing is too fire!”
FireAn expression of something great or amazing“Have you heard Billie Eilish’s new album? It’s fire!”
LitSimilar to ‘fire’“Thanks to your favourite SweepStar, your house is looking lit!” 🤯
FinnaShort for “going to” or “getting ready to”“I’m finna go get some food, you want to join?”
Bussin’Really great or awesome“Your homemade tacos are bussin’!”
SlayLook great or do something very well“They absolutely slayed that dance routine!”
BaeA term of endearment – short for babe“I love you so much, bae”
GOATShort for “Greatest Of All Time”“SweepSouth is the GOAT of cleaning services” 😜
No Cap“No lie” – relating to something that’s truthful“No cap, that new series is it!”
CloutFame or influence“He only made that post for clout”
MoodA relatable feeling or situation“The look of your house after that SweepSouth service is a whole mood” 😏
SnatchedExcellent, especially relating to appearance“Her outfit is so snatched!”
Taking The ‘W’To win or be successful“You’re guaranteed to take the W with the discounts SweepSouth offers on cleaning services” 😉
Taking The ‘L’To lose or fail“I see your team took the L this weekend. You’ll get them next time, fam”


Now that you’re the GOAT of Gen Z slang terms, we bet you’re finna use them. If you happened to catch the low-key hints about SweepSouth cleaning services, you’ll know why we slay if you’ve booked before. If not, you’re taking a massive L by spending your weekends doing chores instead of letting us do what we do best. 

Book today and find out why we’re not only saying this for clout.

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