Good News! We’re Switching Insurance!

When booking a clean, many customers feel that it may come with some risk, being that you are allowing a stranger into your home. We understand this and want to always offer our customers complete peace of mind. SweepStars are passionate about their work and will often go to extra lengths to clean your home. This could be climbing on or under counters, moving furniture to get to hard to reach areas, pressing extra hard to get the wrinkles out of your clothes or vigorously scrubbing your plates clean. Sometimes this extra love results in accidents – knocking items over and breaking them, dropping breakables or burning your favourite shirt.

So, we’ve listened to our customers’ concerns, and at SweepSouth we continually strive to add even more value to our users’ experience, therefore, we have sourced a solution that gives customers even greater peace of mind from our insurance offering, while at the same time giving more price-conscious customers the option to not include it and keep their booking fees as low as possible.

We have partnered with SureStart and TPI who are specialists in the digital insurance space to put together a product that directly answers our customers’ needs. By working with these partners we have managed to source a product that gives you comprehensive peace of mind during your home or outdoor cleaning appointment. To ensure that SweepStars can still bring this extra love and passion to your home without the fear of breaking your everyday favourite decorations, glassware, crockery, clothing and other movable items, we’re introducing an all-risk insurance product to your booking which can be opted out of at booking stage.

You can now insure your indoor and/or outdoor bookings, for a nominal cost of R19 per booking for once-off bookings, while recurring users will get even more value from their bookings with this rate discounted by up to 45% per booking. This all-risk insurance product will insure your movable items to a maximum value of R5 000 (with a 10% excess) while your SweepStar is in your home. Not only will this cover the occasional mishaps that happen while your SweepStar is giving you a clean, happy home but it will also give you comfort against any concerns you might have around any rare cases of theft.

A full breakdown of the policy can be found here.

If anything goes wrong during the course of your booking, get in touch with the SureStart team who will assist you with raising an insurance claim via phone or email.

Phone: +27(0) 87 550 9614


The insurance is underwritten by Mutual and Federal Risk Financing Limited.

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