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Happy International Workers’ Day 2021

On International Domestic Workers’ Day 2021 we would like to take the time to celebrate those women and men, who both add value to our lives. They take care of our homes, our family and all the stress and chores that go along with being a caregiver and domestic worker. Today and every day, we salute you for giving us the opportunity to focus on our work and building on our family time, while you give us the added support – words can not describe how much we appreciate YOU and everything you do. 

In addition, we definitely take it upon ourselves as SweepSouth to better the lives of those who take care of us. With that being said, we’ve launched our SweepSouth Foundation. Through this ongoing initiative, Make A Day Change A Life, we raise funds towards a domestic worker’s cause in hopes to better their lives. We’ve also implemented a rewards programme to add additional value to SweepStars everyday life. We also continue to provide education to domestic workers, helping them leverage technology for their benefit. For SweepSouth the aim is to make sure we improve the living conditions of domestic workers and change the industry for the better. Read more about this topic here

But, our mission is not done yet. We will continue to drive change and assist domestic workers with the necessary support they need through our SweepSouth Report on Pay and Working Conditions for Domestic Work across Africa. We also encourage you, your friends and family to support domestic workers and help them make a honest living and to take care of their inner circle and loved ones. “We need to do whatever we can for those who are most vulnerable, and not just at the outset before we put it out of our minds. We need to raise our voices this International Domestic Workers’ Day and keep a conversation going. We must continue to help domestic workers and improve the industry,” says CEO & Co-Founder, Aisha Pandor. 

To celebrate to day, here’s a few heartfelt messages from the SweepStars:

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