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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day. A single phrase accompanied by breakfast, gifts or a morning outing. It’s not simply a phrase though… it’s a powerful statement. It’s Mother. It’s not simply a gift with a card. It’s a provider. It’s a giver. It’s shelter. It’s love. It’s strength and it’s legacy.

In this ever-changing, unpredictable world, we thank our Mothers more than ever, as they are pushed to the frontline, becoming teachers, care-givers, chefs, therapists, nurses and more, overnight! With little to no help, taking each day as it comes. We can not thank you enough, your dedication, sacrifices and love overwhelm every part of our lives and everyone that you come into contact with.

Mama, you are doing the best job you could ever be doing, even though your baby has barged into your home office 658426 times today, and asked for sweets an extra thousand times, perhaps you gave in every single time. Perhaps you had no idea why the planets existed, as your toddler so enthusiastically asked you for the hundredth time, or maybe even hid in the bathroom just to cry into your hands because at that moment you had no answers, you had no support, and the world just felt like it was closing in on you.

Today we thank all Mothers, Grandmothers, and Women in our lives who sacrifice, love and support us through every aspect of our lives. There are no instructions for this journey called Motherhood.

Thank you for sacrificing your body, your self-love time, your date-nights with Dad, and even your career, knowing all too well, that you would do it again in a heartbeat. We know what you have gained, is all too special as well, and definitely, something that you had never expected, from copious amounts of laughter, kisses and cuddles, and indescribable love.

Even if Motherhood had meant leaving behind your “5-year plan “ or a dream or two. Not doing so would have left you blind to an infinite amount of irreplaceable love, and new possibilities. Possibilities you probably would have never ever known to be true. So instead of getting full OCD because Dad and the kids tried to make you breakfast this morning, and the kitchen is a mess, take every moment in and count your blessings twice, sleep in for longer cuddles, and drink the gross coffee.

The term mother can’t be celebrated just today, but every day you do something amazing or achieve something you’ve always wanted to achieve … remember your Mother’s hand on your shoulder as you move forward in life. A mother feeds not only your tummy when you’re hungry but your heart when it’s sore and your soul when it needs.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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