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Here’s to Coffee for Cleaning

Traditionally the best friend of students, entrepreneurs and stressed and overworked corporate types, coffee is a godsend to many. In honour of International Coffee Day on 29th September 2014, SweepSouth lists 7 unusual uses for coffee. And here I thought our options were limited to drinking it hot or iced… Who knew that this versatile beverage could do so much? Read about these surprising uses and try at your own peril!

1. Coffee is an excellent air freshener and smell neutraliser for your fridge or car. Place a jar of coffee beans into your fridge or (parked!) car and leave for a few hours. The coffee will get rid of strong odours from junk food, onion, garlic, or pets!

2. Coffee can speed up composting by increasing the bacterium population in soil. Pour onto compost and it will break up faster.

3. Some hairdressers swear by coffee for helping to maintain shiny, lustrous hair. Brew a strong pot of black coffee, wait for it to cool, and apply to dry, clean hair. Leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing off. Repeat monthly to keep up shine.

4. Instant coffee makes a great all-over body exfoliant. It is reportedly great for increasing circulation and helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and can be combined with essential oils to create a cheap but effective face scrub.

5. If neighbourhood cats are using your herb garden as their personal litterbox, sprinkle coffee grounds throughout to keep them at bay.

6. A thick paste of coffee and a little iodine can be used as a filler for scratched wood furniture. Gently smooth the paste into cracks until they are filled.

7. Finally, it’s all about the aesthetics! Pour stale or dirty coffee beans into a vase or other clear container for an interesting and pretty look.

So there you have it! I used to think that coffee was only for closers, but nowadays, you’ll find me following a new mantra, because apparently, “Coffee’s for Cleaners” too 😉


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