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Our Best Cleaning Hacks

  • How To Clean A Fish Tank
    Having fish as pets doesn’t require a lot of effort. A fish tank is nice to look at except when it gets dirty. This is because nitrates and metabolites build up in the tank after some time. Cleaning your fish …

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Cleaning Tips

  • How To Clean A Mirror – The Best Cleaning Methods
    How many times have you looked into your mirror and noticed a few streaks and fingerprints obstructing your vision? Spending time in front of the mirror is a common morning and night time ritual for so many of us, which …
  • Get Your Home Winter Ready, Safely
    Winter is near and much like House Stark, there is preparation to be done. For those in drier regions, it’s a great time for building and maintenance but for those in rainier climates, the cold and wet means damp clothes, …
  • Household Tips For The Rainy Season
    KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and other parts of South Africa have experienced heavy rainfall and flooding in the last few weeks. This has resulted in many home and business owners finding themselves dealing with damp buildings and furnishings, and structural …
  • 5 Home Cleaning Hacks You Can’t Live Without
    We all think we know a thing or two about looking after our personal space. We know that shelves need to be dusted (the layer of grey on the surface is evidence enough) and that floors must be vacuumed. We …
  • Five Savvy Tips For Home Renovations
    Looking to do a small home renovation that adds value to your home? If you’re good at DIY, there are certain jobs you can do yourself – but with most renovation projects it pays to get the best expertise you …
  • SweepSouth Safety, this new year
    Cleaning and sanitising has taken on a whole new meaning in the last year. Find out what it means to SweepSouth this new year.