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Spring Cleaning 2022

Our Best Cleaning Hacks

  • How to Remove Stains From Bed Linen: 4 Different Ways
    Stains happen, but they don’t have to ruin your cherished linens. In this blog post, we delve into four effective methods to bid farewell to stubborn stains and bring your bed linens back to their original splendour. Unveil the secrets to pristine bed linen with our expert stain removal techniques!

More Cleaning Hacks

Cleaning Tips

  • How to Remove Common Summer Stains From Your Clothing
    Summer is all about sun, fun, and outdoor adventures, but it often brings unexpected guests – stubborn stains on your favourite summer outfits. Whether it’s a smudge of sunscreen, a splash of ice cream, or a grassy encounter, we’ve got the lowdown on how to bid adieu to those common summer stains.
  • How Your Home Cleaning Routine Should Change From Season to Season
    Seasons change, and so should your cleaning routine. Discover how to adapt your home cleaning practices to the evolving needs of each season. From battling winter’s indoor dryness to embracing spring’s renewal, we’ve got your year-round guide to keeping your home fresh and inviting.
  • Easy-To-Clean Kitchen Appliances to Save You Time and Effort
    Discover the secret to a hassle-free kitchen cleanup with our guide on easy-to-clean kitchen appliances. From sleek surfaces to smart design, we’ll show you how investing in these appliances can transform your cleaning routine, giving you more time for what truly matters.
  • Best Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Braai in Excellent Condition
    Elevate your braai game with the ultimate guide to keeping your outdoor cooking haven in top-notch condition. Explore a comprehensive collection of cleaning and maintenance tips that will ensure your braai remains a reliable companion for sizzling delights. From essential tools to expert techniques, this article unveils the secrets to a braai that stands the test of time.
  • 5 Effective Techniques to Banish Stains From Bowls and Plates
    In the pursuit of maintaining pristine dinnerware, conquering stubborn stains is a common challenge. Discover a realm of effective techniques that breathe new life into your bowls and plates. This guide unlocks five proven methods to banish stains, ensuring your tableware remains as impeccable as your meals.
  • How Often Should You Book a Professional Cleaning Service?
    In the bustling rhythm of life, finding the balance between cleanliness and daily demands can be a challenge. The question often arises: How often should you enlist the help of a professional cleaning service to ensure your home remains a haven of tidiness and comfort? Delve into this article as we uncover the key factors influencing the optimal frequency for booking professional cleaning services, helping you to make the best decision possible.