4 Things To Keep Your Home Fresh This Spring

As the nights become shorter and the days longer, we’ll be spending less time at home. Spring is the season of newness and this means the pressure for keeping things fresh is now on. Hotter days are approaching and this is normally accompanied by unwanted odors/smells. We’re sharing 4 simple tricks to keep your home fresh this spring: 1. Lemon-scented Cleaning Products Lemon-scented cleaning products are a great way to eliminate bacteria as well as reducing the chances of germs. Cleaning products with a lemon scent are also fresh without being too over-the-top. 2. Crisp White Linen It is important to keep … Continue reading 4 Things To Keep Your Home Fresh This Spring

5 Tasks Your Spring Clean Should Include

On the 1st of September we celebrated Spring Day and nothing says Spring, apart from blooming flowers, like a sparkling clean home. It’s that time of the year again, where it’s not just about mopping the floors and dusting surfaces – it’s time to give your home a really good clean, a spring clean! We have compiled a list of five tasks your spring clean should include. 1. Interior Windows Nobody loves cleaning windows but it’s a task that cannot be ignored. With SweepSouth we’ll relieve you from doing this task and have one of our experienced SweepStars add that shine … Continue reading 5 Tasks Your Spring Clean Should Include