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How Can I Book A Cleaning Service As A Gift For My Mom?

How Can I Book A Cleaning Service As A Gift For My Mom?

Are you looking to spoil your mom, but not sure exactly what with? Very few things say ‘I love you’ more than the gift of a clean home, especially for mothers. You can make a SweepSouth booking for your mom in 9 easy steps. How exactly? Find out below and help your mom transform her home today. 

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Step 1 – Go Onto The SweepSouth Website Or Download The App 

The SweepSouth App and booking page on the website make gifting your mom a seamless and easy process that requires little time. Download the App and you’ll have access to the following features:

You can also head to the booking page on the SweepSouth website to complete a booking. 

Step 2 – Choose The Type Of Service You’re Looking For  

When booking with SweepSouth, you can look forward to a large range of services to make your mom’s life easier. Choose from one of the following services performed by experts in their field:

Step 3 – Enter Her Address

For us to find you and match your mom with a suitable SweepStar, we need to know where she lives. You’ll have the option of entering her address so that she can be matched to SweepStars close by, who can make it to her house in a flash. 

Step 4 – Enter Voucher Code Details

If you’ve been gifted with a voucher that you’re now using as a gift for your mom, now is the time to use it. Enter it into the relevant ‘voucher code’ area for a discounted booking.

Step 5 – Enter The Number Of Rooms/Hours And Any Extras You Require

Once you know what type of service your mom is looking for, enter the details of her house, i.e. how many bedrooms and bathrooms need cleaning. All common areas are included in the booking. If it’s an outdoor service or heavy lifting booking, choose the type of outdoor service or the number of hours she needs help for. 

Step 6 – Choose a date and time for the booking 

For your convenience, you can book a service for a date in the near future, or further in advance. Pick a time for the SweepStar to arrive that suits your mom best, and the SweepStar will be prompt at arriving then.

Step 7 – Choose The Frequency Of Your Service

We give you the option of making a one-time booking or a regular (recurring) booking. If your mom only needs help once, choose the ‘One Time’ option, but if you would like her to receive the professional expertise of a SweepStar on a regular basis, you’ll have the option of letting us know how often. With a regular booking, you can save up to 28%!

Step 8 – Choose A SweepStar

Because we value the idea of transparency and giving our customers as many choices to suit their needs, you’ll have the option of choosing from a range of vetted SweepStars for your mom. Their profiles will showcase their rating (based on previous bookings), their skills, background checks they have undergone, and whether or not they mind working in homes with pets. If you aren’t satisfied with what you see, you can carry on looking until you find the perfect match for your mom’s home.

Step 9 – Make The Booking And Your Mom Can Look Forward To A Spotless House

The final step is to confirm the booking and look forward to your mom being surprised with a pristine home. You’ll receive a confirmation email with any important information relating to your booking. If you have any queries, you can reach out to the SweepSouth support team or the SweepStar who will be taking care of your mom’s home. We’re happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 


Your mom will be over the moon with the results and you’ll be happy you decided to give her this awesome gift. Don’t forget to book a cleaning service for yourself while you’re at it. Share these cleaning tips with anyone else who is also looking to spoil their mom. 

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