How To Be Productive This Spring

A season promising fresh air and warmth into the lives of those who endured a long, cold winter, that’s what spring is all about. It’s the time to be at our best and enjoy the change of weather, but also a more positive way of life. Endorphins, the happy hormone, and serotonin, the mood-enhancing hormone, are released during exposure to the sun. It is difficult to resist enjoying the pool, beach, or walking in the park during spring. 

Our immunity systems are stimulated with increased activity as our days become warmer and longer. The drowsy feeling brought by winter goes away when energy is redirected and daily activities increase. Being productive can sometimes be difficult to start with, but changing the small things in your daily routine can help get you on your way. 

5 Ways to Become More Productive This Spring

1. Start The Week With A Brain Dump

If your brain is full of ideas, tasks, activities, and more. It can become overwhelming at times and feel like there’s simply too much to handle. Start every week with a brain dump – grab your journal, a piece of paper, or even a draft email. Set a timer and get going! 

Write down all the things going on in your head. There isn’t any system to this, simply write down everything overcrowding your thoughts. Write out all tasks, both big and small, so you can visualise everything you need to do, or are planning on doing. This will allow you to have a productive day.

2. Create A To-Do List

Now that all of your ideas and tasks are on paper, it’s time for you to put things into action. Start by categorising items and tasks into different types of to-do lists. For example: kids activities, work, house, shopping. Once that’s done, it’s time to prioritise. Schedule certain hours so you know exactly when you have to do specific tasks or activities. Schedule a specific amount of time for each so you know exactly what to do, and how long you have to do them. 

Put the number one thing at the very top of your list and try to make the lists flexible. If you don’t finish it, don’t worry, you can simply put them on the next day’s list or drop them off completely. The items that are continuously being pushed off are not a priority so scratch them off the list.

3. Stick To Simple Cleaning Habits

Cleaning is often the last thing you want to do, but it is something that we all have to commit to. Since it’s going into spring, you may want to try spring cleaning your office and other rooms in your house, eventually turning it into a habit. A good habit to start with is by never going to bed with dishes in the sink. Soon you’ll move onto larger tasks including throwing away items no longer needed in your home.

4. Organising And Availability

Taking vitamins, looking for your car keys, or even putting the kid’s shoes on – these all sound like simple tasks, but when you are running out of the door, it’s nice to have a simple organising system in place. Put a hook by the door for your keys to hang from. When the kids get home, take their shoes off and put them in the same place every day. Things like this make life less stressful.

5. Track Your Social Media Usage

Have you thought about how many hours of social media you start your day with? Social media is fun and useful for many, but it can take away a lot of your time and become a huge distraction. Find necessary tools that will allow you to also schedule business-related social media posts throughout the day, so that these tabs can be kept closed for most of the day. Set boundaries on how much time you spend on social media and how much time is spent monitoring your profiles, so that productivity won’t be uninterrupted. 


We hope these tips will help you with your productivity this spring. Keep up with daily tasks and cleaning habits for them to become more natural in your life. It doesn’t have to be spring for you to become more productive, you can start these at any time of the year to grow into a better you.

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