How To Clean A Bosch Washing Machine

Investing in a Bosch washing machine is a good purchase, but like all good things in life, it needs to be maintained to produce the best results possible. The more you use it, the more there will be a build-up of dirt and grime, which could lead to mould forming, resulting in a terrible smell getting released, not to mention the smell it might leave on your clothes.

Maintain your Bosch washing machine by cleaning it regularly with the best products available. You don’t need to be an expert cleaner to do this, nor do you need much time to clean the entire machine. Gather your cleaning tools and follow the steps we’ve listed below to clean your Bosch washing machine.

Cleaning The Outside

Keep the outside of your Bosch washing machine as spotless as you do the inside so that you don’t have a dirty-looking machine doing a good job at cleaning your clothes. We recommend that you use any of the special washing machine cleaning products developed by Bosch for the best results. Follow the instructions written on the product label. 

If you are not able to get hold of any of those products, simply spray a microfiber cloth with vinegar or a mixture of water and vinegar and wipe the outside surface down until it’s completely clean. Be sure to focus on the particularly dirty parts.

Cleaning The Detergent Drawer And Opening

Clean the detergent drawer and opening on your Bosch washing machine to help the maximum amount of detergent to reach your clothes during every wash. Follow these 4 steps to clean the detergent drawer and opening on your Samsung Washing Machine:

  1. Remove the detergent drawer completely and lift the dispensers out from the drawer. 
  2. Soak the parts in warm water before using a cloth or old toothbrush to clean out any dirt. Dip the toothbrush or cloth into a mixture of water and vinegar for a more powerful clean, and rinse with water afterward.
  3. Use a soft cloth to clean the detergent drawer opening. For a deeper, more powerful clean, dip the cloth into a mixture of vinegar water. Wipe it down with a dry cloth after cleaning.
  4. Place the dispensers back into the drawer and the drawer back into the opening.

Cleaning The Drum

Bosch has developed their own line of washing machine cleaners that they recommend before any other cleaning products or homemade cleaners. If you can get your hands on one of these products, follow the instructions on the product label to achieve the best possible results. 

If you are not able to find one of Bosch’s recommended cleaners, use the following 6 steps to clean your washing machine drum with bleach:

  1. Pour half a cup of bleach into your washing machine drum and add another half a cup into the drawer.
  2. Run a hot cycle on your machine.
  3. As soon as the drum has filled up with water, pause the cycle and let the mixture of water and bleach rest for an hour. This resting time gives the bleach a chance to break down the dirt and bacteria in the drum.
  4. Turn the machine back on for that cycle to run its course.
  5. Run an extra cycle without any bleach or cleaning detergent to rinse out the machine.
  6. Upon completion of the second cycle, wipe down the drum and door with a clean microfiber cloth and leave the door open for the machine to air-dry completely.

The cleaning methods listed above will have your Bosch washing machine running efficient, powerful cycles that will have your clothes looking and smelling better than ever. Leave the door and detergent drawers of your machine open after every wash to prevent a moisture build-up and the possibility of mould growth. Learn how to clean your washing machine and do it regularly to extend its lifespan. For any other tips and tricks, check out our post on how to clean a washing machine

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