How To Clean A Macbook Screen

You carry it with you most of the time and use it for many different aspects of your life, but do you know how to clean it? That’s right, your Macbook requires regular cleaning to ensure longevity and the ability to help you create many successful projects in the future. Although cleaning a Macbook screen is slightly easier than cleaning other LCD laptop screens, it’s still not as simple as grabbing any old product to use on any old cloth.

The SweepSouth team has put together the steps that form the best possible processes for you to know how to clean a Macbook screen. Before gathering your cleaning supplies, you need to know what type of screen your Macbook has. Some of the older versions still have LCD screens, while most of the newer ones are coated in glass. Listed below are the steps required to clean either type of screen.

How To Clean An LCD Macbook Screen

When cleaning any LCD laptop screen, stay away from the following products:

  • Any cleaning products with ammonia in them. If used, these will leave a film on the screen.
  • A mixture of soap and water.

What You’ll Need

  • LCD cleaners free of alcohol, acetone, and ammonia, or
  • A homemade cleaning solution made of vinegar and distilled water
  • Microfiber cloths

Here are the 4 steps you need to follow when cleaning an LCD Macbook screen:

  1. Make sure your laptop is turned off and unplugged before starting.
  2. Dust your screen off using a dry microfiber cloth.
  3. Spray your choice of cleaning solution directly onto a clean microfiber cloth and wipe the screen in a gentle, side-to-side motion. Pressing too hard could cause you to damage the screen.
  4. Allow the screen to air-dry and give it one final wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth if need be. 

How To Clean A Glass-Coated Macbook Screen

When cleaning any glass-coated laptop screen, make sure to stay away from bleach. Gather the following cleaning products instead:

What You’ll Need

  • A choice of 70% isopropyl alcohol, pre-moistened alcohol wipes, or disinfectant wipes
  • Microfiber cloths

Here are the 4 easy steps you need can follow to clean a glass-coated Macbook screen:

  1. Turn off your laptop and unplug it before starting.
  2. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe any easily removable dust off the screen.
  3. Use your chosen cleaning product to clean the screen thoroughly, without applying too much pressure. NB – if you use the isopropyl alcohol, spray it onto a microfiber cloth and not directly onto the screen.
  4. Allow the screen to air-dry and give it one final wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth if need be. 

Tips For Keeping Your Laptop Clean

Although cleaning is still necessary, here are some useful tips to save you from having to do it more often than need be:

  • Before closing your laptop screen, place a thin microfiber cloth on your keyboard. You should be able to purchase these cloths in tech shops where laptops are sold. They’re great at stopping dirt from the keyboard being transferred to the screen.
  • Keep your laptop stored away in a bag whenever you aren’t using it. Leaving it out in the open will make it susceptible to dust from the surrounding environment.

Follow either of these cleaning methods suited best to your particular laptop, and enjoy the benefits of a Macbook with a clearer picture. For more cleaning tips and tricks suitable for other laptops, check out our article describing how to clean a laptop screen

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