How To Clean A Washing Machine

No matter what washing machine you use, after enough washes it begins accumulating dirt which could lead to terrible smells or the growth of mould, never mind being less effective at cleaning your clothes. Luckily, using only a few common household items, there are certain steps you can take to revive and clean your washing machine to restore its look and efficacy.

Follow along and learn the step-by-step guide for cleaning both:

  1. Top-loader washing machines, and
  2. Front-loader washing machines

1. How To Clean The Inside Of A Top-Loader Washing Machine

Use vinegar and baking soda to clean your washing machine and you’ll be surprised by the power of natural cleaning products.

Use the following 4 steps to get your top-loader machine as good as new again:

  1. Pour 4 cups of white vinegar into your washing machine and turn it on using its fastest and hottest setting. 
  2. Once it’s filled up with water, pause the cycle and let the water and vinegar sit for 1 hour. Let the cycle finish once the hour has passed.
  3. When the first cycle has finished, pour in a cup of baking soda and put a second cycle on with the same settings as before. 
  4. When the second cycle finishes, leave the lid open and let it air dry. If you need to dry it quicker, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down. 

2. How To Clean The Inside Of A Front-Loader Washing Machine

As with a top-loader, you can use vinegar and baking soda to clean your front-loader washing machine.

These 5 steps will help you along your way:

  1. Use a spritz bottle to spray the inside of your washing machine drum with white vinegar. 
  2. Wipe the entirety of the inside surface with a microfiber cloth, including the seals around the door which might need extra attention. 
  3. Pour 2 cups of distilled white vinegar into the detergent dispenser and set your washing machine to run on its longest cycle at the hottest temperature. 
  4. Once the first cycle has finished, spread half a cup of baking soda directly into the drum and run a second cycle on the same settings as before. 
  5. Once again, leave the door open and let the machine air dry, or wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

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How To Clean The Door And Outside Of A Washing Machine

While cleaning the inside of your washing machine is important for better functionality, outside cleaning must also be done to avoid bacteria build up and to keep it looking new. 

Use a microfiber cloth sprayed with vinegar to wipe down the outside of the machine, and don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of the door while you’re at it. 

Give the detergent and fabric softener dispenser a good scrub using a toothbrush and a mixture of hot, soapy water. Once scrubbed, dry off with a cloth to remove the water and any remaining dirt.

3 Other Products Used For Effective Cleaning Of Washing Machines

Although vinegar and baking soda work wonders in leaving your washing machine in great condition, there are other products you can use to get the job done just as well. 

1. Using Bleach To Clean Your Washing Machine

Add half a cup of bleach into your washing machine’s drum and another half cup into your detergent drawer. Run a hot wash and pause the cycle for an hour once the machine is filled with water. Complete that cycle before running an extra one to remove the bleach completely. Wipe down the door and seal with a towel, and let the machine air dry. 

2. Using Detergent To Clean Your Washing Machine

Instead of other mixtures, you can also use your regular laundry detergent to clean your washing machine. Run a regular cycle with hot water to remove as much dirt as possible, before letting the machine air dry.

3. Using Vitamin C To Clean Your Washing Machine

A more acidic approach can also be taken to cleaning your machine as opposed to the alkalinity of baking soda. After bringing a pot of water to the boil and removing it from the heat, dissolve 200 grams of ascorbic acid powder and 100 grams of citric acid powder in the water. Add a little bit of this cleaning solution into the tray and the rest into the drum before running it on a hot cycle. 

With so many tools and techniques available, cleaning your washing machine becomes an easy task once you know how. Set aside specific days of the year to get it done and reap the rewards of keeping your clothes looking newer and fresher for longer. 

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