How To Clean An Air Fryer

You may have already started using your trendy new air fryer, and enjoying your low-calorie fried foods. However, when frying foods, you’re going to have to deal with the grease after cooking. Cleaning an air fryer is fairly simple and can be done with items that you likely have already on hand. To help you care for your air fryer, this guide will tell you just how to clean your air fryer so you can keep on making tasty meals.

Do’s And Don’ts For Cleaning An Air Fryer

Before you begin cleaning your fryer, read these do’s and don’ts for cleaning and care:

  • Don’t use abrasive sponges like steel wool to remove food residue. This can damage the non-stick coating on the surfaces of your air fryer.
  • Don’t submerge the air fryer in water. The appliance’s main unit is electrical, so this may cause damage to the electrical components which may be hazardous. 
  • Always make sure to unplug your fryer when cleaning.
  • If you smell a foul odour wafting from your air fryer, try using a wooden skewer, toothpick, or even an old toothbrush to clean out crevices. Over time, hidden food particles and crumbs will cause the machine to smoke and smell.
  • You can also pre-clean the air fryer by using half a cut lemon and rubbing it over the surface and basket to help with odours.
  • Make sure to use food-safe cleaners. Avoid disinfectants that aren’t food safe.

How Often Should You Clean An Air Fryer

After each time you use your fryer, you should wash the basket, tray, and pan with dish soap and warm water, or put them in the dishwasher. Be sure to refer to the owner’s manual to check if the parts are safe for the dishwasher. You should also quickly clean the interior with a damp microfiber cloth and a bit of dish soap over the area. Be sure to dry all the parts and reassemble the appliance.

Cleaning the rest of your air fryer after every few uses to keep it functioning properly. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the exterior every now and then. Also, check the heating coil for grease and residue. If you see a build-up there, wipe it off with a damp cloth once the appliance is unplugged and cooled down. 

How To Clean Your Air Fryer

1.  Unplug The Air Fryer

The first and most important step is to turn off and unplug the air fryer. Allow it to cool down completely before starting the cleaning process.

2. Clean The Removable Parts

Remove the basket, tray and pan. These parts can be washed regularly with dish soap and warm water, or in the dishwasher. Most air fryers are dishwasher safe, but still, you should check the instruction manual for your appliance to be sure. 

3. Clean The Main Unit

Remember not to submerge the main unit into water. Instead, wipe down the entire unit with a damp cloth, including the control panel, to get rid of any residue or food splatters. If there is food stuck to the heating coil, use an old toothbrush to clean it off. 

4. Check The Heating Coil

It’s a good idea to check the heating coil after each use, it is usually found in the top part of the air fryer. If there is residue or grease on the heating coil, make sure the unit is unplugged and cooled down. Then, use a toothbrush or a damp cloth to wipe the heating coil clean, like how you would clean the heating element of an electric stove. 

5. Dry And Reassemble

Dry the air fryer with a paper towel or air-dry all components thoroughly before reassembling it. 

There you have it, the 5 simple steps to clean your air fryer. For other tips and methods on how to clean your kitchen, check out our post, or alternatively hire a SweepStar to take care of your cleaning service needs. You should try to clean your air fryer regularly to maintain its functionality for frying various foods. Remember not to clean it if it’s still on, always make sure to unplug it and leave it to cool before cleaning. If you don’t have the time for cleaning, you can always put a piece of tin foil in the air fryer to minimise the amount of grease left over after you use it. This will also help to make cleaning a breeze if you are able to tend to it.

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