How To Clean An Iron With Salt

Irons can often be temperamental and cause issues if they aren’t working properly. Instead of giving it a clean, many people choose to get rid of those problem irons and buy a new one. The truth is that what often seems like a major problem is one that can be resolved easily, or avoided from the beginning with proper care. 

That proper care begins by cleaning your iron regularly. There are many ways this can be done, but in this particular article, we’ll look at how you can clean an iron with salt. Before we look at the cleaning process, here are some useful tips to use when determining if your iron needs cleaning.

How To Know If Your Iron Needs Cleaning

Irons get used very often in most households meaning they require regular cleaning. Listed below are a number of tell-tale signs to help you figure out when your iron needs a clean:

  • Your iron is pulling on the fabrics of your clothing.
  • Your iron is staining your clothes.
  • Your iron isn’t gliding as smoothly as it used to.
  • The iron plate is forming a faded residue.
  • Your iron isn’t steaming as it should be.

How Often Should You Clean Your Iron

Apart from using the signs listed above to help you, it’s a good idea to clean your iron according to a specific timeline. If you are wondering how often you should clean your iron to keep it in the best shape possible, the answer is twice a year. This number should be increased if you use your iron more often than most people. Check your iron’s specific user manual for extra help and tips.

Once you’ve determined that your iron needs cleaning, here are the 3 steps you can follow to clean your iron plate with salt. 

1. Lay Out Newspaper On Your Ironing Board

Lay out some newspaper on your ironing board before sprinkling salt on top. Make sure to cover an amount of the surface area that’s one and a half to two times the width of your iron. 

2. Iron Over The Salt

Set your iron on a warm setting to iron over the salt. Apply a normal amount of pressure as you would with clothing and move the iron in a circular motion. Stop ironing when there is little to no salt remaining. 

3. Unplug And Wipe The Iron

Unplug your iron and let it cool down. As all iron owners know, this is an essential step in steering clear of burns. Once the iron plate is cool enough, wipe away the salt and dirt with a damp cloth. 

How To Clean An Iron’s Steam Holes

Now that you’ve restored your iron plate to a clean and efficient working state, make sure to do the same for the steam holes. Use a toothbrush or cotton swabs dipped in distilled white vinegar to clear out the steam holes. This is an essential job to perform after cleaning the iron plate to get rid of any dirt and salt that has made its way into the iron. Once the holes have all been cleaned, steam your iron using distilled water to clear the holes of vinegar and push out any last remaining unwanted bits. 

If you’ve run out of salt, you can also learn how to clean an iron with toothpaste. Your iron plate is now ready to get back to action and have your clothes looking better than ever. If your iron requires a more thorough clean, check out our article on how to clean an iron for more cleaning methods and extra tips to help you out. 

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