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How To Clean An Iron With Colgate

How to clean an iron with colgate

Your iron and ironing board are set up and you’re getting ready to take care of that first item of clothing in the stack. You start ironing, but something seems different today…the iron is not working as well as it should. This is more than likely a sign that your iron needs a good clean. Many people don’t clean their irons regularly and rather choose to chuck them out and buy a new one instead. Why not save yourself some money and learn how to clean an iron using only a few common household items.

There are several methods you can use to clean your iron, one of which makes use of toothpaste. Read on to find out how you can clean your iron with Colgate or any other toothpaste. Before looking at the cleaning process, let’s see if there are ways to determine that your iron needs a clean. 

How To Know If Your Iron Needs Cleaning

Here are some common signs to look out for when figuring out if your iron needs to be cleaned:

How Often Should You Clean Your Iron

If you find that your iron is working efficiently and not giving you any trouble, it’s still important to clean it regularly. Clean your iron twice a year to maintain good general upkeep. If you’re using it more often, then look at cleaning it a few more times a year. You can also check the user manual of your specific iron for help with this answer. 

Let’s look at the 3 steps needed to clean your iron with Colgate or another toothpaste.

1. Apply Toothpaste To Dirty Areas

NB – Before starting the cleaning process, make sure that your iron is turned off and unplugged.

Apply a small amount of white toothpaste to the dirty areas of your iron plate. Ensure that all dirty areas are fully covered. 

2. Let It Sit For A Few Minutes

Allow the toothpaste to rest on your iron plate for a couple of minutes before wiping it off. Grab an old towel while you’re waiting to use it during the next step. When it’s ready to be removed, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe the toothpaste away.

3. Steam Your Iron 

Once the toothpaste is removed, finish the cleaning process by filling up your iron’s water tank, placing it on an old towel, and setting it to ‘steam’ for a few minutes. Your iron plate should then be restored to a much better condition.

How To Clean An Iron’s Steam Holes

While you’re in cleaning mode, it’s a good idea to clean the steam holes of your iron after getting rid of the dirty bits on the iron plate. To do this, dip a toothbrush or cotton swab in distilled white vinegar and clear out the holes. Once completed, steam your iron using distilled water to flush out the vinegar. 

Cleaning your iron is a simple task that can save you some time and money in the long run. Pull out the toothpaste for a clean on a regular basis to keep your iron looking new and working efficiently. If you’d rather save the toothpaste for your teeth, then use another common household item and learn how to clean an iron with salt.

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