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How To Clean And Descale Your Nespresso Machine

How to clean a Nespresso machine

Nespresso machines are wonderful inventions that so many people rely on daily to give them the boost they need. However, because they are used so often, they must get cleaned regularly to maintain a good working condition and continue serving up the Nespresso drinks you love so dearly. Use these Nespresso-cleaning techniques when learning how to clean a toaster so that your coffee matches the quality of your toast. You do not need to be a professional cleaner to deep clean your Nespresso machine. All you need are the right cleaning tools and methods.

We at SweepSouth have put together some helpful cleaning tips and steps to ensure your Nespresso machine is ready to produce the best espresso coffees. Gather the right tools and become a Nespresso machine cleaning expert in no time with the methods below. 

How Often Should I Clean My Nespresso Machine?

The answer to this question will depend on the number of times you use your Nespresso machine. Most Nespresso owners use their machine every day, which makes it important to stick to the following cleaning habits. Clean the water tank and drip tray daily for optimal Nespresso-making results. Clean the coffee outlet and external parts of the machine 3-4 times a week to keep your machine looking pristine. Other than regular wipe-downs, you’ll also need to deep clean your machine for the inside parts to receive the care they need. Descale your Nespresso machine every 3 months or once you’ve gone through 300 capsules. Add this to your checklist when learning how to clean a kitchen.

Nespresso Machine Cleaning Tips

To achieve the best cleaning results and not risk damaging your Nespresso Machine, use the following cleaning tips:

How To Clean Your Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machines have many parts to them that need cleaning. Make a mental note or even a physical checklist while going through the process to make the job easier and ensure you don’t miss out on cleaning anything. Use the following methods to clean the different parts:

How To Descale Your Nespresso Machine

Descaling your Nespresso machine is an equally important step in keeping it clean as the smaller cleaning steps mentioned above. If you’re wondering whether a descaling solution is better than vinegar, the answer is usually subjective. Try both to see what works best for you. Descale your machine every 3 months, after you’ve used 300 capsules, or use the following guidelines as signs that you need to descale:

Once you’ve determined that your Nespresso machine needs descaling, use the following steps to give it the best deep clean possible:

  1. Empty the capsule container and drip tray and replace them before starting.
  2. Fill the tank with your chosen descaling solution and place a container large enough to catch the water that will be released from the water tank, under the coffee outlet. If you’d prefer to use a homemade solution, you can use vinegar and water to descale your Nespresso machine. Mix 1 part vinegar to 20 parts water for an effective solution. You can also replace the vinegar with lemon juice or citric acid. 
  3. Set your machine to descaling mode. Written below are the different ways to put the different Nespresso models into this mode:
  1. Begin the descaling process by pressing any of the flashing coffee buttons. Once the machine stops releasing water, the process is finished.
  2. Throw out the cleaning solution and rinse the water tank, drip tray, and cup support.
  3. Dry the parts, reassemble the machine, and fill the water tank with clean water.
  4. Rinse your machine with the clean water by pressing one of the blinking lights. Pour out the old water and refill with fresh water once the rinsing process is complete. Repeat this step 5 times to thoroughly get rid of the cleaning solution used for descaling.
  5. Press all the coffee buttons until the machine beeps to exit the descaling mode. Allow your machine to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before using it again.

Once you’ve cleaned your Nespresso machine with the methods and tips above, it’s once again ready to serve up the best coffee at the end of a day of entertainment with your friends, or in the morning before you travel to work. While you may now be an expert at cleaning your Nespresso machine, a SweepStar will have the professional answers to all your other cleaning service needs. 

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