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How to Clean and Disinfect Children’s Toys Safely

Little boy playing with toys at home.

As a parent, you’ll know the feeling of having your home covered with children’s toys wherever you look all too well. As frustrating as this sometimes may be, you’ll also know how important it is to keep those toys clean and intact so that your children are kept safe at all times. Unfortunately, children’s toys are not only sources of joy and entertainment but also potential breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, affecting health, allergens, and indoor air quality.

Keeping toys clean and properly disinfected is essential for an environment your children can thrive in, without the worry of any danger. In this blog post, we will explore effective methods and safe practices for cleaning and disinfecting children’s toys. Follow along and give your children the spotless toys that bring out their cutest laughs.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Methods for Children’s Toys

Children’s toys, more than most other items in your home, will require the right cleaning methods with safe products being used. By following the guidelines below, you’ll ensure your children aren’t at risk of any harmful chemicals.

1. Understanding Toy Materials and Cleaning Requirements

Children’s toys come in various materials, each requiring specific cleaning methods. Plastic toys are generally durable and easy to clean, while wooden toys require more delicate care. Fabric toys, such as stuffed animals, need special attention to avoid damage during cleaning. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. We’ve also provided you with some useful tips on how to clean each toy further down below.

2. Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions for Children’s Toys

To ensure the safety of children, it is advisable to use non-toxic cleaning solutions for toy cleaning. Many chemical-based cleaners could prove to be harmful if ingested or touched by children. Instead, consider using DIY natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar and water, mild dishwashing liquid, or a mixture of baking soda and water. 

How to Clean and Disinfect Specific Types of Toys

Children’s toys come in a large variety of shapes, colours, and materials. The last factor is important to take into consideration if you want to use a cleaning process that doesn’t ruin the toy. Follow the tips below for effective and safe cleaning.

1. Stuffed Animals and Fabric Toys

Stuffed animals and fabric toys harbour dust mites and allergens more easily than others. Check the toy’s care label for cleaning instructions and follow the guidelines below: 

2. Plastic and Rubber Toys

Plastic and rubber toys are generally easy to clean. Use the steps below for effective cleaning of plastic and rubber toys:

3. Wooden Toys and Board Games

Wooden toys and board games require gentle to avoid getting damaged. Follow the steps below:

Tips for Safe Toy Cleaning and Disinfection

Preventive measures are always best when it comes to cleaning, as they can save a lot of time and stress. Here are some extra tips that you and your children can use to preserve the integrity of their toys.

1. Toy Inspection and Maintenance

Regularly inspect toys for signs of wear and tear. Check for loose parts, broken pieces, or frayed fabric. Repair or replace damaged toys to prevent potential hazards such as choking, scratching, etc. Additionally, storing toys away in suitable containers will result in less dirt and contamination. Use bins, baskets, or designated toy storage areas to keep toys organised and clean.

2. Teaching Children Good Hygiene Habits

Encourage children to develop good hygiene habits by letting them help you clean. Teach them the importance of keeping their toys clean and explain the reasons behind it. Make cleaning fun by turning it into a game. Reinforce the habit of handwashing before and after playing with toys to minimise the spread of germs, especially if they have friends around.


Cleaning and disinfecting children’s toys is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy play environment. By using the guidelines above and following the manufacturer’s instructions, your children’s play area will be a safe space filled only with the feeling of enjoyment.

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