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How To Clean Couches At Home

How to clean couches at home

A couch is a must have in every home, it’s where the family gathers and spends time together, or where you sit to enjoy your favourite shows at the end of the day. So, cleaning your couch is important to maintain its comfort factor, and keeping it looking as good as new. No one wants to look at a couch that is stained or filled with crumbs. If you need help with cleaning your couch, check out the list of pointers we’ve put together below.

1. Vacuum The Couch

Always start by clearing your couch of coins and remote controls, then, using a vacuum with a soft brush attached, vacuum the entire coach. Make sure to pay attention to the corners and crevices. 

2. Check The Tag

Read the care instructions on your couch to use the recommended cleaning method. Cleaning differs from material to material so make sure you follow the one that is best for your couch. 

3. Spot-Clean Stains

Focus on the stains before cleaning the whole couch to ensure that stains don’t linger. If your couch isn’t very dirty, you may only need to spot clean stains.

4. Wash The Couch

The last step for cleaning your couch is to check the label again and check whether the material can be washed by hand or washed by machine. If you can, remove the couch cushions and put them into the washing machine, otherwise give them a good hand wash.

How To Keep The Couch Clean

To keep your couch clean, vacuum it regularly and see to food or drink spillages immediately, to prevent stains. You should try to keep your pets off the couch or give them a sitting area next to the couch so they can still sit close to you whenever you’re on the couch. Another way to maintain couches is regularly using a commercial couch cleaning product, but always make sure it is safe to use on your specific couch.

If you have a light-coloured couch, only use light-coloured cloths when cleaning it. This will help prevent dye from transferring from the cloth to the upholstery. Lastly, consider using distilled water instead of tap water as tap water can leave a residue on the couch, which in some instances, can look like a stain.  

Restore your couch by cleaning it twice a year; use these tips to keep your couch clean and prevent it from ageing quickly. If your couch is made of a certain material that you want to see specific directions for, you should read how to clean a couch. Here you’ll also find the meaning of the different letters that appear on the couch’s cleaning tag. Now you can swiftly clean your couch and enjoy a good show on TV afterwards.

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