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How To Clean Different Types Of Car Seats

How to clean car seats

Car seats are bound to get dirty at some point in time. Whether it happens on a long road trip to a holiday destination, or a short trip while dropping the kids off at school, spills that cause stains will happen at some point in time. If it’s happened to you and you’re wondering how to clean a dirty car seat, you don’t always need to visit the car wash. There are a number of products you can use to clean off and get stains out of your car seats. 

When it comes to cleaning your car seats at home, you have the option of using a store-bought car seat cleaner or wash, or using one of the common household cleaning agents that most people have lying around. Follow along as we take you through the best ways to clean your car seats and leave them looking, smelling, and feeling brand new.

How To Clean Leather Car Seats

Leather seats are a favourite addition for car owners, and as such, they often do their best to keep them in brand new condition. Use one of the following methods to clean the premium quality of leather seats:


How To Clean Cloth Car Seats

Even though they usually aren’t as costly as leather, cloth car seats still need to be kept clean and pristine for a pleasant driving experience. Use one of the following methods to keep your cloth car seats in great condition:


Car dealerships, mechanics, and other stores also sell all-purpose cleaners suitable for cleaning seats, as well as car cleaning products made specifically for your car seats. These are also a good option to restore the fresh look and smell of your car. Just make sure to get the right product suited to the material of your seats. 

Depending on your lifestyle and the size of your family, you may need to clean your car seats more often than you realise. Luckily, the team at SweepSouth has put together the best home and cleaning tips to keep your car looking better than ever. For all your other cleaning service needs, contact a trusted and experienced SweepStar.

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