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How To Clean Suede

How to clean suede

Suede is a luxurious material commonly used for clothing such as vests, jackets and shoes. Suede is also widely used for furniture like couches. Suede is a type of leather made out of the soft underside of animal hide. When compared with traditional leather, suede isn’t as durable and tends to stain more easily. People often avoid suede due to the confusion about how it should be cleaned, but with the right cleaning tips and tools, cleaning suede can be a breeze. Regular cleaning of your suede items is the best way to protect the material. Follow these steps to keep your suede looking its best and restore it to its former glory.

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4 Ways To Clean Suede

For general cleaning, a clean suede brush may be all you need. They usually comprise an array of soft and hard bristles that are specifically designed to brush off dirt and freshen up the suede. 

For deeper cleaning, use a suede eraser. These usually come paired with a suede brush. A suede eraser is closely linked to a common pencil eraser as it also sheds particles that lift dried, backed-in dirt from the material.

Never use water or water-based cleaning products to clean suede. White vinegar and alcohol are the best substitutes.

Once you’ve cleaned your suede item, you can do some futureproofing. Use a special suede water-repellent spray to help prevent water from staining the suede before it happens.

Tips For Cleaning Suede

You don’t have to avoid suede completely just because you’re worried about cleaning it. You can still fit it into your lifestyle and enjoy the look and feel of suede clothing and furniture. Accidents and spills are inevitable, but with the right tools and techniques, you can remove stains and restore your suede items to their original luxury. Remember, water is the worst thing you could use to clean suede with. To prevent water stains, use a suede water repellent. Although it won’t make suede water resistant, it can help a lot to prevent water from being absorbed by the suede. 

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