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How To Clean Vinyl Floors And Remove Scuffs And Stains

How to clean vinyl floors

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners. It’s an inexpensive option with a durable nature that looks great in most homes. Even though it can withstand lots of foot traffic, spills, and other activity, it’s still important to clean your vinyl flooring regularly to maintain and help it last as long as possible. Whether you’re looking for the best ways to clean stained vinyl floors, or how to deep clean vinyl floors, the expert team at SweepSouth has put together the best cleaning tips and methods.

When you’re on the search for the best vinyl floor cleaner, you have the option of using store-bought products or homemade cleaning solutions. Keep reading to find out how to get rid of dust, dirt, and stains to restore the shine you love to see on your floors.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Tips

To achieve the best results when cleaning dirty vinyl flooring, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Take note of the following before starting your cleaning process:

Cleaning Vinyl Floors

With these cleaning tips in mind, use the following steps to give your vinyl floors a thorough and restore their natural clean finish.

  1. Vacuum The Floors

To remove the top layer of dust and dirt, you’ll want to sweep or vacuum your floors, or use a combination of both. As we mentioned earlier, sweep your floors on a daily basis to get rid of small bits of hard dirt that are capable of scratching the floors when walked on.

  1. Create A Cleaning Solution

Finding a commercial vinyl floor cleaner shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’d prefer to create your own DIY solution, try one of the following two mixes:

Tip: add a few drops of baby oil to the mixture above to leave your floor with a natural shine after cleaning.

  1. Mop Your Floors

Your next step in the process will be mopping with your chosen cleaning agent. Because vinyl is not completely waterproof, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t drenching your floors with liquid. Wring the mop out as you go and use a different bucket with clean, hot water to rinse the mop whenever necessary. Empty that water if it’s getting dirty and refill it with fresh hot water whenever needed. 

Tip: start at the back of the room and work your way forwards so that you don’t step on any clean areas.

  1. Rinse Your Floors

This is an important step in the process to avoid having a film of soap residue on your floor. Simply fill a bucket with clean water and use it to mop the floor. You can then either air-dry or fan-dry your floor, or use a cloth to go over it and give it a nice finish.

How To Remove Stains And Scuff Marks From Vinyl Floors

If you’ve got a tougher scuff mark or more stubborn stain that needs removing, sometimes the process above won’t be enough. Use the following cleaning methods to get rid of unwanted stains and marks:

If you’re looking to clean laminate floors in your home, check out our post for the best tips and methods. If your busy schedule requires you to get help, a SweepStar will provide the best tile and floor cleaning you could hope for. 

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